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The paragraph below says what's going to happen to America if we continue to let it happen.


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Is this the future of America?  It sure is if we allow this kind of, so called, freedom of speech.  Ask Fox TV about Freedom of Speech then repeat what you heard on FOX KIDS to your neighbors ten year old little girl, and see what happen to you.

This what the devil wants you to see, our internet is controlled, partially, by the devil and he calls it freedom of speech, but just try to wear a shirt in grade school that says Jesus, or God, or says something like "Don't Steal"  or maybe says "Love thy neighbor"  then ask me about freedom of speech.

Take a look at your email tonight.  Is it full of perverted trash?  Do you think this same mail is going to your ten year old daughter?  You bet it is.  If she is on the internet, She is totally indoctrinated to the perversion of America.  And if you say something about it, you are called a radical.

Think about it.  If FOX TV good for your kids?  Are these kinds of programs going to make a better future for America?  Are our families going to stay together?  Think about it.  Just think.  How is America now compared to in the 60's.  Are our schools safer.  Are your kids on drugs.  Ask your kids, do you know who your real dad is?  Fox TV is the Sly Fox, the secret terrorist that is killing our kids.  If you don't believe me just watch fox prime time television, just watch FOX Kids on Saturday morning.  Here's a quote from a cartoon on a, FOX KIDS, Television program called Family Guy.  The cartoon was just ending, the screen went blank and the voice came on and said, "We need an All Girl Sex Orgy, .... We're all turning Gay."  does this help the ratings for your kids so that your kids will come and watch more?  No! it's a solicitation for your little girls to take their clothes off as soon as they turn 18 so the Internet sex industry can make more money and the pervert producers can have sex with your little girl as soon as the law allows.  Fox Kids is a terrorist organization and here's the proof.  Just go to the ten year old neighbor girl and quote the Family Guy quote above.  Guess what will happen?  After her dad breaks both or your arms and cuts off your thing, you are going to jail.   How many Americans are in jail just because they quoted a Fox Kids pervert Saturday morning cartoon.   Just think!  I'm telling you the truth!  The entire executive staff of Fox TV needs to go to jail and not get out.  Americans need to storm the doors of FOX TV and bring these criminal terrorist to justice.  Fox TV is a bigger enemy and has killed more kids and molested more little girls than any Al Quida Terrorist but we call it freedom of speech.  Is it freedom of speech.  Again, quote any cartoon or prime time Fox program sex to your neighbors little girl and see if her dad will think it's freedom of speech.

Just by writing this, the terrorist with the big bucks, FOX TV, will probably sue me.  I hope they do.  Then we will see why they aren't in jail.  They have no right to put these programs on TV and the Porn Spammers have no right to sell their Porn Spam on Email solicitations.  They are enemies to the state and they are telling us it is freedom of speech.  FOX TV is the Sly Fox and they are killing Americas Kids through the promotion of extreme violence, perverted sex and promotion of Drugs.  What!  You don't believe me?  Just watch FOX KIDS next saturday.   If you don't like it, just change the channel, they say.  But if you repeat what they say to the neighbors kids, you're going to jail.

Why don't they go to jail, it's because they bought the government and if they don't like your politics, they won't let you advertise your political campaign on their station, just ask Ross Perot.

If you don't like what I say, isn't this freedom of speech.  Just change the channel stick the future of America up your (%*^*&^%^*&*^#)

C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster

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