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Cross Country Ski Vacations to the North Pole.

If you love adventure and cross country ski trips, you would love to ski to the north pole.  Ski Vacations include, ski a half degree or ski a whole degree to the North Pole.  We also have other Arctic Ski tours.

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Please note:  The background picture is an actual picture of the Ice on the North Pole taken by C. Jeff Dyrek.

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2005 North Pole Ski Tour Exhibit

2005 North Pole Exhibit.

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2002 North Pole Picture Gallery.

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2001 North Pole Picture Gallery.

Curtis Lieber's South Pole Action Adventure.

On a Ski Trip, a North Pole skier crosses a lead
For those capable of the physical challenge and wishing to say,
"I've reached the North Pole by Ski ".

    Ski crossing along the route 89 Degrees North Latitude to reach the North Pole


 This adventure is for YOU, if you're not satisfied with flying to the North Pole but want to EXPERIENCE GETTING THERE YOUR WAY !!



It's entirely up to you to experience the most "Exhilarating Adventure in Your Life" !! .... To Ski the Last Degree.   YOU'll step back in time and DISCOVER THE NORTH POLE LIKE THE VERY FIRST EXPLORERS REACHED IT. Your skis will glide over the first foot prints left by the legendary explorers! You'll see the same landscapes. The same wind will push you forward or on the contrary will hamper your movement toward the cherished goal. The same ice ridges will block your way and you will negotiate them. The drift of ice fields will not respect the hard work of your tremendous efforts to move forward… But at the end of the journey when you reach the top of the planet, you'll really have "dug down" inside yourself, and discovered more of what your really made of!  We'll take you from Spitsbergen, Svalbard to the drifting ice base. You'll  stay there 1 day to check your equipment and acclimate, before you set out on the ice. We'll place you out on the ice at latitude 89 degrees N. In 5-6 days, when you arrive on the North Pole, you'll stay there  and celebrate your victory. Then we'll arrive by helicopter to pick you up and return you to the drifting ice base.

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About North Pole Adventures Ski Expeditions
North Pole Adventures has been operating successful ski expeditions to the North Pole for the past 9 years. We are one of the most respected Arctic outfitters to take YOU to the North Pole.Pulks used on a North Pole Ski Trip
The support group consists of a medical professional and radio operator who stay in the ice base and control your movements along the route. Quite possibly you have friends who wish to spend a few days at the ice base in order to meet you at the Pole, for your celebration !!






Physical Requirements:

You will love this ski vacation
Physical requirements are two-fold. 1) Physical, and 2) Psychological. You will Ski 8-10 hours a day for 7 to 9 days in order to reach the Pole. The distance of one degree is about 65 miles, but you will encounter several leads that you will need to negotiate over or go up to 10 miles around and back. Remember you will be hauling sledges behind you as well. We recommend everyone to be in physically good condition and to have previous experience with the muscles used in cross-country skiing. Certainly this can be a great inspiration and motivation for making a great exercise regimen for the next year. You must have good aerobic stamina and to have good upper body strength to pull your ski poles up to 8-10 hours a day. But you don't have to be superhuman, just in good physical condition. Tell us whether you have mountainous, snow, or temperate regions where you are, and we will design a preparatory program for your group. Basically, whether skiing or hiking, if you organize a physically challenging 6-8 day program, you will find out if you are unfit or unwilling for the challenge. You should expect to be able to do 8-10 hours of hiking or cross-country skiing each day. This would be a sufficient criterion for skiing the pole. The psychological aspect should not be overlooked either. There are always unexpected situations that change the itinerary or logistics, and everyone must have a flexible psyche to remain cool under these circumstances.  It is important to "roll with the punches" and to remain calm.    

Here's the whole ski team on a great vacationEagles Cry Adventures. as your outfitter, will thoroughly prepare your group for life's most outstanding experience to ski the North Pole. You will receive educational information every step of the way over the months ahead. We invite you to email us with any questions you have and at any time. That's what we're here for. We want you to have the most enjoyable experience ever !!


Itinerary of North Pole Ski Expedition:


Japanese Ski Team Exhibit Page  1     10     20      25     30    35     40     45     50     55     60

Day 1, (exact date TBA)- Fly from your country to Longyearbyen, Svalbard via Oslo, Norway. Our expedition guides will provide transportation to the hotel. Accommodations are at a 3-4 star hotel. An organizational meeting and a "festive" party will be held prior to departure to the North Pole ice base.

Day 2, April  - Checking out your gear, practice runs and getting to know team members. Excursion programs around Svalbard, that you can schedule in advance are available. 

Day 3, April-  Flight to the Drifting Ice Base at the North Pole. -  Flight is 3 hours.  Settle into the camp and begin preparing your equipment for  your assault on the North Pole. This base camp will be located on the largest, safest, most solid pack ice nearest to the Pole. Since we are on the Polar ice floe, the base camp may be within 50 miles of the true North Pole, and moves on average of 5 to 16 kilometers per day. You'll be placed out on the ice in the most strategic position of northerly moving ice.  You will be supplied tents, food, heaters, and communication.  Keep in mind that the polar ice cap is roughly two meters thick and the Arctic Ocean underneath is 4,200 meters deep! The ice cap is constantly moving due to the wind and ocean current, so bring your GPS and watch the base camp migrate up to one or two kilometers per hour, on the 1,600 kilometer polar ice cap. The North Pole is more of a GPS location when you are on the ice cap because it is not constant, as on the South pole, a continent, which doesn't move. We will take several of your senior persons in your ski group to fly over the selected ski path to the North Pole. This way you will have the most accurate up to date appraisal of the ice floes, pressure ridges and leads. This will allow you to make any tactical changes to ensure your success on the ice to reach the Pole. The remainder of the day your ski group will acclimate to the Arctic Environment. Organize your group for your assault on the ice the following day.

Day 4-8, April -   Set off for your assault to the North Pole! 5 Days on the ice.
Trek the glorious Arctic Desert. Skiing 4 to 5 hours in the morning before breaking for lunch and then skiing for 4 to 5 hours in the afternoon before setting up camp for the rest. Organizational meeting discussing the day's activities and the upcoming days expectations. You will have 5 days to reach the North Pole on the "Ski Expedition to the Pole". 

YOU have arrived at the North Pole!! Celebration all in the world of eternal sunlight. We will arrive with a Russian MI-8 helicopter to transport you back to the ice base where you will be able to continue your celebration with the other participants !!

Day 10, April -
Depart the ice base for Longyearbyen, Svalbard aboard the AN-74 jet aircraft for your flight back to Svalbard. Re-establishing communication (phones to home), festive party and distribution of commemorative North Pole certificates. 

Day 11, April -
 Departure back to your home country ! Unless, you wish to stay in Longyearbyen with a few of us to see more sights.

***The itinerary may change according to the North Pole Weather and other logistical variables. We recommend that before you make your airline flight ticket reservations you contact us for the exact dates, which may vary until they are exactly set around February, 2005.


North Pole Adventures, Inc. has been operating as a premier high Arctic outfitter for over 8 years. That's why we can offer the best ski treks s.  



    North Pole Exclusive Light Ski Trip,  Contact Us.
    A 3 day trip with 2 days on the ice, 
    Day 1 fly to Borneo,  overnight at Borneo in the ski tents, not heated tents.
    Day 2-Take helo to 10 kilometers short of NP and set out on skis… probably arrive at NP that night…and camp at NP
    Day 3 get picked up at NP and go back to Borneo, then to Longyearbyen.

    North Pole Exclusive - Ski Trip.  Contact Us.
    A 3 day trip with 2 days on the ice- much like the NP Exclusive Light, but……..
    Day 1 fly to Borneo………and later that day helo out on ice to about 18 to 20 kilometers before the pole….and ski a couple hours then camp on the ice…………
    Day 2 ski about 7 hours, and camp on the ice…..
    Day 3 ski about 2 hours, and reach the NP and celebrate….then get picked up by helo and flown to Borneo….and on to Longyearbyen same day…

    North Pole Extreme - Ski Trip.  Contact Us.
    9 days on the ice skiing and about 13 to 14 days total for trip from home to home…   For example…
    Day 1 fly from home to Longyearbyen…
    Day 2 Dinner meeting and tours at Longyearbyen……..
    Day 3 you fly to Borneo and overnight at Borneo in your ski tents,     not heated tents……..
    Day 4 set out on the ice……
    Days 5 thru 11 ski about 7 hours per day……
    At day 12 you arrive at NP and celebrate….and helo to Borneo….then jet to Longyearbyen....all in same day………
    Day 13 fly to homeland

    Group Discounts can be Negotiated in Advance


(The exact number of days for these itineraries may vary depending on the weather)

This Special Low Rateis not offered by any other outfitter !! 
 Global Expedition Adventures, Inc. has NEVER cancelled an expedition or ski trek, so we'll guarantee a full refund if that ever happened!! 
So expect the greatest experience of your lifetime, because WE'LL GET YOU THERE !!



Click Here's What's Included:

·Complete and total instructional education all the way before your trip. We'll guarantee to have you ready for this trip !! WE MEAN IT !! YOU don't have to have any EXPERIENCE.. just be in good shape physically and psychologically!
* Transportation from Longyearbyen, Svalbard Airport to your hotel. 
* Use of skis, boots, and bindings...
* All group expedition equipment for the entire expedition including expert ski     guides, tents, sledges, sledge covers.
* Food and supplies are covered on the ski trip including stoves and cooking utensils etc. 
* All transportation from Longyearbyen, Norway, to our NP Base Camp. 
* All food and lodging while on the Arctic ice.
* We supply all communication equipment, emergency equipment, etc.  for the ski team.


Safety Systems: North Pole Adventures, Inc. operates under the strictest safety guidelines for its programs at the North Pole. First of all, we maintain one of the best and most cohesive communications systems with our ski team. We have a very good relationship with the emergency aircraft at the drifting ice base. We equip our ski team with Iridium satellite phones, as well as backup HF Radios when necessary.  We use Argos Systems for emergency back-up location finding. This satellite uplink transponder will send multiple signals up to a satellite, which will instantly locate in GPS grid, where the ski team is at that exact moment, even if they continue to move. It is better than the EPIRB System. Furthermore, each ski guide has previously arranged protocols for over 25 situations or arctic scenarios (certain weather and emergency possibilities). Unlike all other outfitters who use the same radio operator with only one HF Radio, North Pole Adventures has its own dedicated radio operator, Curtis Lieber available 24/7 at the base camp . We have no other distractions or priorities than our own ski group. We have a medical professional available at the ice base and North Pole Adventures brings its own medical and surgical equipment that meet American Standards. All our medicine meets American Pharmaceutical Standards.       To "SKI THE LAST DEGREE TO THE NORTH POLE" has inherent risks, but for the opportunity of a LIFETIME, I think you will agree that it is worth that little bit of risk. Just like many things in life, some of the greatest experiences, such as reaching the summit of Mt. Everest, skiing to the North Pole has its risks. Human technology is not infallible in such extreme weather regions. You will be required to sign a "Release of Liability" acknowledging your independent responsibility for undertaking such a bold adventure. Of course you will be one of few on this planet that will ever experienced such an awesome adventure of a lifetime!! It's your decision, but we want you to know that Global Expedition Adventures, Inc. will do everything in our power to keep those risks to a minimum, after all, we will be right there with you !!!!!
General Information: 
     North Pole Adventures monitors the winds and the ice floes and places our ski group out on the ice showing the most consistent northerly shift. Recently this has been at the 120th * longitude. 

·Eagles Cry Adventures has had an impeccable safety record!! Our ski groups are constantly monitored while they are out on the ice. 
We stay focused on safety at all times!!
While there may be other activities such as hot air balloon flights, skydiving and general participants, nothing takes more precedence than the lives that are out on the ice!! That's why there are expert guides at the ice base monitoring every client out on the ice during the entire Expedition. 

·The "Ski the Last Degree to the North Pole Expedition" may traverse a distance of up to 50 to 70 Kilometers. The distance from the point you are placed out on the ice to the North Pole may be greater depending on the number of "leads" (cracks in the ice that you must go around), and the activity  or movement of the ice (southerly or northerly etc). Typically each year, skiers can expect the trek to be about 70 Kilometers. This requires the participant to be in good aerobic and physical shape, but you do not have to have great cross country skiing skills, you just need to be in good health and have good aerobic stamina, and a balanced psyche in moments of stress and uncertainty.

·The average or minimal average forward movement of most ski groups in the past years has been 8.5 miles. Therefore it is very conceivable for an average or even slow group progression to make it to the North Pole in 4 to 5 days. Our itinerary arranges for 5 days and utilizing the last day to reach the Pole. And this is where the strict attention to northerly drifting ice comes to be appreciated. 

·April is the only month any outfitter can send expeditions to the Pole. The sun rises February/March and the ice base is set up at the end of March. Expeditions are sent up throughout April, and by May the drifting ice base is taken off the ice because the ice floes become unstable for such activity. 








We are booking now for next April's Expedition.


Please Notice. does not sell these North Pole Expeditions or other Adventures.  All of the Adventure companies listed on this site are paid sponsors to only provides its space on an advertisement basis.


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