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C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster, standing on the North Pole
This is a Story and Photos of an Action Adventure Travel Tour to the Geographic North Pole and an Expedition Adventure of 2002 through Siberia.  Travel Expeditions are one of the ultimate survival adventures.  When you stand on the top of the world, the only direction that exist is south.  Standing on the Geographic North Pole is truly a breathtaking adventure in camping and extreme survival.

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These Photos are from the April, 2002 North Pole Expedition Adventure Travel through Khatanga Siberia.

Going to the North Pole is a fantastic experience filled with adventure, parties and great friends.  You will love it too, come and join us on next years north pole expedition adventure and experience the thrill yourself.  Look at all of the North Pole Photos starting from this page and you will see the greatest Adventure Travel Tour on Earth.
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New 5-20-2002


The YellowAirplane Team on the
North Pole Expedition of 2002.

Please note;  I've been to Hawaii three times and I had more fun on one North Pole Expedition than all three times in Hawaii.  You still need to go to Hawaii, it's great too!

You too can join Next April's Expedition.

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Why God Sent Me to the North Pole, The Webmasters Story
The true story of how I went to the North Pole to Die.  My health was so bad and all the doctors did was to make it worse.  But going to the North Pole made huge changes in my life.  You need to read this.

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Pictures and stories of Khatanga,  a small town in the far northern Siberia Russia.

Woolly Mammoth in Khatanga

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Sredney Island.
A former Russian ICBM base far in the Arctic Ocean, our next stop toward the North Pole. 
On the North Pole.
Photos of Camp Barneo , just 60 miles from the pole and our group actually on the pole.
Aerial Photos.
Aerial Photos of Russia, Siberia and the French Alps.
The Planes.
Click Here's most of the Russian Planes that we flew in for this expedition to the Pole.
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This is the route of the 2002 North Pole Expedition from Moscow to Norilsk (not shown) to Khatanga,
 to Sredney Island (not shown) then to Camp Barneo and then the Geographical North Pole.



The background picture on this page is an actual photo of the
snow on the North Pole.   --  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster.
  Expedition Administrator Curtis Lieber
U.S. Expedition Operation Coordinator Curtis Lieber
Expedition Leader and Videographer Global Expeditions, North Pole Adventures
Lead Expedition Guide Misha
Second Expedition and Jump Master Guide Sergey
Third Expedition Guide and Promoter C. Jeff Dyrek

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2002 North Pole Expedition

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From: Joshua Oppenheimer
Sent: Saturday, December 27, 2008 4:54:37 AM
Subject: Interested in travel to the North Pole

Dear Jeff, Finding your website on polar travel is like stumbling upon something I didn't realize I was looking for, like meeting an old friend I didn't know I had. (I too have a daily ice coverage widget on my desktop!) I am a documentary filmmaker living in London, but originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have been fascinated by the arctic ever since I was a child, and spent two summers working in Baffin Island after I went to college. Since then, I've made winter Nordic ski trips to those parts of the north readily accessible to Western Europe -- Svalbard, Iceland, northern Sweden and Norway. I am currently researching a film that would explore the fascination people like us have for the arctic, particularly at this dramatic moment when the arctic is being devastated by global warming. I am interested in documenting expeditions to the N. Pole, and also the apparatus around it -- the annual construction of Ice Station Barneo , for instance. Basically, at this stage, I am looking for people who might wish to participate in the project, which will take several years to complete. Along the way I hope to have a few new polar adventures, and to find fellow travelers for adventures in the future. I am particularly interested in the transformation of the Russian arctic into a staging ground for adventures (though I know the Svalbard - Ice Station Barneo route has perhaps replaced the Siberian route). I would love, of course, to travel to the pole myself, but I also would be eager simply to know more about your upcoming expeditions, and to understand more fully what fuels your passion, and above the all the ambition to reach the pole. I would be happy to telephone you from England at any point so we can speak further. Otherwise, email will work for now. I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and wish you the happiest of New Years. My best, Joshua Oppenheimer

Dear Joshua,

Thank you very much for your letter, it sounds like you have a passion for life too.  Ever since I was a kid I used to watch programs like Animal Kingdom and Jacques Cousteau and I loved the outdoors.  Even though I grew up in Chicago, there was always a wooded area next to where I lived.  I used to play behind the Pullman factory in the dumps and that's where our family did a lot of our shopping, if you know what I mean. 
One day when I was eighteen, I was looking at California on the map and I was thinking that California was so far that in my whole life I would never be able go there.  The very next month I was getting off of the airplane in San Diego after joining the U.S. Navy. 
After boot camp and almost two years of school in Memphis, I was transferred to Lemoore Naval Air Station, about thirty miles south of Fresno and only seventy eight miles from the front gate of Sequoia National Forest.  I have fourteen years of climbing experience in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  I've only crossed the equator one hundred and forty times, in one month, while I was stationed on the USS Kitty Hawk. 
Traveling to the North Pole is a fantastic experience and I was very lucky to go on the very last true expedition to the North Pole.  In that I mean that we had to carry everything that we needed to survive with us, where now it is just a vacation spot with everything set up and your extreme protection clothing provided for you. 
I still have contact with friends in Khatanga which is a very good feeling.  The people there were incredibly unique and very isolated from the rest of the world. 
We are planning an expedition to the pole in early April through Longyearbyen, Norway.  The Conveyor Belt Current has slowed considerably in the last eight years and the ice is growing this year at a faster rate than it has in the previous two winters, at least that is what I've been told.  So it looks like the expedition will be successful again this year.
To go to Siberia you will need special permission from the Russian Government since it is considered "Closed Territory" and even a Russian is not allowed to travel there without special authorization.
We are also working on an expedition to the Falkland Islands late next fall to find an airplane that was shot down by Mr. Neil Wilkinson in the Falkland Islands War.  Neil has made friends with the man who he shot down and thought that he was dead, but was happy to find out that he was still alive and well.  Neil Wilkinson lives in England also and has been putting a lot of work into this project himself.  Here's a link to the project as we have it so far.  ../Adventures/Falkland_Islands_War_Guestbook/A1-War_Falkland_Islands_Guestbook.html
I have videos of our expeditions and videos of the very first North Pole Marathon and I'm friends with Richard Donovan the founder of the marathon since I have done a lot of promotion work on the original project myself.
Thank you very much and have a nice day,
C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster


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Svalbard Weather

Camera in Longyearbyen and Svea

This Web Cam Camera is located in Longyearbyen and shows the old quay and  Hiorthfjellet.
Longyearbyen right now! (Click for larger image) Live Web Cam Photos

North Pole Web Cam
Sunrise/Sunset Calculator
North Pole from space
About Latitude and Longitude
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