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The North Pole is still a virtually untouched place on this planet, this is a list of books about the North Pole and Arctic Exploration.

Through the courage of the few men who have been there we have these fantastic stories of courage and strength.  By looking at this North Pole books page,  the north pole movie page and the north pole exhibits from these links you will learn a tremendous amount about the history of these daring expeditions.  That's the first step.  After learning about the polar adventures you can have a chance to actually go on one of the yearly arctic adventures with Global Expedition Adventures.  This is a company that has been taking people to both the north pole and the south pole for many years. 

One of the worlds latest explorers is Curtis Lieber and is the expeditionary leader of the 2001 north pole expedition.  You can see North Pole Expedition Exhibits at the bottom of this page.

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0970099517from the south pole to the north pole, from the arctic to the antarctic
0970099517Pole to Pole:
0970099517north pole to the south pole

The Arctic and Antarctic 
by Dr. Mary R. Dawson

0803286139eskimos and explorers, a fantastic tour to the arctic
0803286139Eskimos and Explorers
by Wendell H. Oswalt


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0004851Bernt Balchen: Polar Aviator
Softbound Book

Glines. He set polar flight records, organized a series of daring wartime air  operations, and became a leader in Arctic aviation. But despite these achievements, Balchen saw his public image and military career undermined by the famous and influential Adm. Richard Byrd. This is a full and compelling  portrait of a pilot overshadowed in his lifetime by Byrd but whose expertise and vision continue to guide trans-Arctic aviation. 350 pgs., 50 photos, 6"x 9½",  sfbd.

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0005099Flying Upside Down
Hardbound Book

True Tales of an Antarctic Pilot, Hinebaugh. As an LC-130 pilot with the U.S.  Navy, the author puts you in the seat next to him to experience the adventure  of flying over the coldest, driest, highest, windiest, and most godforsaken place on earth - Antarctica. He conveys the thrill of seeing the sites where such  giants of Antarctic exploration as Amundsen, Byrd, Scott, and Shackleton began  their journeys. 328 pgs., 6"x 9", hdbd.  

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0006027Arctic Bush Pilot
Softbound Book

From Navy Combat to Flying Alaska's Northern Wilderness Anderson & Rearden.  Backed by Wien Airlines, former Navy combat pilot "Andy" Anderson pioneered  post-war bush service to Alaska's Koyukuk River region, serving miners, Natives,  sportsmen, geologists, adventurers, and assorted bush rats. Besides passengers, he hauled everything needed for bush life. Crammed with  adventures and misadventures and generously illustrated. 352 pgs., 50 B&W  photos, 6"x 9", sfbd.  

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0005437By Airship to the North Pole
Hardbound Book

P.J. Capelotti. The strangeness of these early airships and some of the people  promoting them, especially in the unforgiving world of the Arctic, makes this  book a "must" for anyone interested in aviation history or in polar exploration. The author deftly combines archaeological and historical sources in a fresh and convincing way to tell this little-known story. 229 pgs., 6¼"x 9¼", hdbd. 

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0005379To the Pole

The Diary and Notebook of Richard E. Byrd. Byrd & Goerler, ed. First to fly over the North Pole - or was  he? Some have doubted that Byrd actually reached the North Pole in his 1926 flight. This diary,  unearthed in 1994, might be thought to clear up the matter, but instead it complicates them. Whatever  the truth, the riskiness of polar exploration comes through in Byrd's diary and notes, which mention coming through storms and icebergs, as well as allude to the fate of Robert Scott, who perished in the  race to the South Pole with Roald Amundsen (who perished in the race with Byrd to overfly the North  Pole). A concluding section discusses Byrd's competition with Lindbergh to be the first flier across the Atlantic. 168 pgs., 6"x 9", hdbd.

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by Christopher Pala

Book Description
When Christopher Pala first landed at the North Pole, he fell so much in love with it that he took his girlfriend to ride the polar
treadmill on what he mischievously called the First Expedition to Nowhere. For a week, the couple skied every day to the pole, pitched their tent and drifted away from it as they slept. 

from the webmaster.  I've been to the North Pole on one of these adventures.  It was absolutely fantastic.  I'm going back next April, if you would like to join me just here for a fantastic North Pole Adventure

List 1 

1585741167Arctic Grail: The Quest for the North West Passage and the North
Pole, 1818-1909
by Pierre Berton

Journey across the ice with a Who's Who of polar explorers, men of every temperament, including the pious and ambitious Edward  Perry, the first explorer to probe deep into the Arctic labyrinth; Adolphus Greely, a Civil War veteran who had to watch his men  starve to death on Ellesmere Island;


0451409353Fatal North : Adventure and Survival Aboard USS Polaris, The First U.S. Expedition to the North Pole
by Bruce B. Henderson

In 1871, the U.S. sent a navy steamer, the Polaris, on a quest to discover the North Pole. Like all the countries that had tried  before, the U.S. would soon face a disaster. Although numerous flaws in the plan jeopardized the mission before the Polaris ever set sail, Henderson jumps right into the expedition without going into much detail about the brewing conflicts that would soon erupt  and threaten the lives of the explorers and the pride of the country


0300089678The Coldest March: Scott`s Fatal Antarctic Expedition
0300089678by Susan Solomon
   The icy deaths of Robert Falcon Scott and his companions on their return from the South Pole in 1912 made them English icons of  courage and sacrifice. Soon, however, Scott's judgments and decisions were questioned, and his reputation became one of inept  bungler rather than heroic pioneer. Susan Solomon, senior scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in  Colorado, approaches Scott's story from a meteorologist's point of view. She shows that the three weeks from February 27 to  March 19, during which the explorers fell further and further behind the daily distances they had to cover in order to survive, were  far colder than normal. Unusual blizzards of wet snow had already slowed the party and depleted their provisions and strength.  Without these once-in-a-decade phenomena, Solomon believes the party would have returned to its base on the Ross Sea--second   after Roald Amundsen in the race to the Pole, but safely. She opens each chapter with comments from a hypothetical modern visitor  to Antarctica, presumably to give a wider context to the human drama of the last century, though this reviewer finds them  inappropriate. She enriches her narratives of Scott's two Antarctic expeditions with vintage photographs and tables of  meteorological data that highlight the explorers' achievements. Their determination was pitted against the worst weather in the world.  Scott's story has been told many times before, but its weather information makes The Coldest March a useful addition to the  literature. --John Stevenson 


074322292XSouth with Endurance: Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition,  1914-1917
by Frank Hurley


Sir Ernest Shackleton's trans-Antarctic expedition of 1914-1917 was one of the great feats of human endurance -- one vividly captured in the powerful and dramatic pictures taken by Frank Hurley, the expedition's official photographer. These images,  appearing together here for the first time in print, constitute an amazing body of photojournalism.





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