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The North Pole is still a virtually untouched place on this planet, this is a list of videos about the North Pole and Arctic Exploration.

Through the courage of the few men who have been there we have these fantastic stories of courage and strength.  By looking at this North Pole videos and movies page,  the north pole book page and the north pole exhibits from these links you will learn a tremendous amount about the history of these daring expeditions.  That's the first step.  After learning about the North Pole polar adventures you can have a chance to actually go on one of the yearly arctic adventures with Global Expedition Adventures.  This is a company that has been taking people to both the north pole and the south pole for many years. 

One of the worlds latest explorers is Curtis Lieber and is the expeditionary leader of the 2001 north pole expedition.

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See the North Pole Adventures Exhibit on this site
6304468598Ordeal in the Arctic

About a C-130 Crash in the Arctic.  A true story.  The amazonesite has a real testimony of one of the real survivors of this event

B00000FAQ8Cousteau -
B00000FAQ8Voyage to the Edge of the World - 
B00000FAQ8An Arctic Adventure

Click Here to go on a Real North Pole Expedition.

B000006QN7Icebreaker to the North Pole 

historic 1994 Arctic Ocean Section Expedition.

1997 6304165196Eyewitness: Arctic & Antarctic (1997) 
   Which is which? We think of both places as similar ice realms, but Eyewitness: Arctic and Antarctic explains how they are a world apart (both literally and figuratively). The polar regions received their names from the Greeks: the Arctic is so called for the Great Bear, Arctus, in the northern sky; the opposite of that, Antarctic, means "no bear." The story of these icy kingdoms begins with a fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson, beautifully narrated by Martin Sheen, who goes on to explain the harsh ecosystems. The Arctic is a continent of ice, capable of producing icebergs the size of Belgium. Amazingly, the average iceberg holds enough freshwater to supply a family of five for 100,000 years. This documentary is chock full of facts and information about these icy lands at the top and bottom of our earth, and at the same time is extraordinary and fascinating to watch. --Samantha Allen Storey 

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Nova: B-29 Frozen in Time

Travel on a perilous mission to repair and re-fly a rare B-29 bomber stranded on a Greenland icecap for almost 50 years. Gleaming like a jewel, this well-preserved  bomber from WWII rests on the Arctic tundra where it was abandoned when it crash-landed in 1947. This plane has long been a legend, and now you'll travel along  as a team of adventurers, facing incredible hardship, struggles to bring the frozen Warbird back to life. 60 min.

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Ford Tri-Motor 1/72 Kit

Plastic Model Kit

Plastic model of historic 'Tin Goose' flown over the South Pole in 1929 Antarctic expedition. Kit includes sew-on patch; decals; snow-ski landing gear and interchangeable wheels; and dog team, sled, and crew in parkas.

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The Red Tent

This is a top-notch adventure saga for kids and adults alike, based on the true story of explorer General  Nobile whose 1928 Arctic expedition turns into disaster. ("Disaster at the Pole" book recounting the true story is also available). Exciting scenes of survival against the elements. Stars Sean Connery and Peter Finch. Color, Hi-Fi, Rated G.

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Disaster at the Pole

Wilbur Cross. 

Click Here is a tragic tale of a failed polar exploration. In 1928, against the backdrop of  Mussolini's rising power, one of Italy's premier aeronautical engineers, Umberto Nobile, gained acclaim by  crossing the North Pole in a dirigible. With this success under his belt, Nobile decided to raise the ante and take his newly designed airship to the North Pole, land it, and then return to base. But what started  in glory turned into a tale of disaster when the airship crashed some three hundred miles from  civilization. 316 pgs., 6"x 9", hdbd. (See also "The Red Tent" video movie of this event, starring Sean Connery, also available).

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To the Pole


The Diary and Notebook of Richard E. Byrd. Byrd & Goerler, ed. First to fly over the North Pole - or was  he? Some have doubted that Byrd actually reached the North Pole in his 1926 flight. This diary,  unearthed in 1994, might be thought to clear up the matter, but instead it complicates them. Whatever  the truth, the riskiness of polar exploration comes through in Byrd's diary and notes, which mention coming through storms and icebergs, as well as allude to the fate of Robert Scott, who perished in the  race to the South Pole with Roald Amundsen (who perished in the race with Byrd to overfly the North  Pole). A concluding section discusses Byrd's competition with Lindbergh to be the first flier across the Atlantic. 168 pgs., 6"x 9", hdbd.

Unknown Date
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By Airship to the North Pole

P.J. Capelotti. The strangeness of these early airships and some of the people promoting them, especially in the unforgiving world of the Arctic, makes this book a  "must" for anyone interested in aviation history or in polar exploration. The author deftly combines archaeological and historical sources in a fresh and convincing way  to tell this little-known story. 229 pgs., 6¼"x 9¼", hdbd.

North Atlantic Crossing, an Arctic Adventure beyond belief
North Atlantic Crossing

Wouldn't it be easier just to take an airline flight to Europe, and cheaper too?  But then you'd miss the adventure of trying to find an airport hidden in a fog choked fiord...  the stunning beauty and desolation of Greenland and the vibrant, modern European culture of Iceland.  In a single-engine airplane bound for Norway, Rick Moreau and Mark van Benschoten discover that humor, teamwork and a little luck can take you a long way. 

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