USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 Aircraft Carrier Exhibit.

The USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 Exhibit. 

The USS Kitty Hawk Aircraft Carrier by Doug Keller Exhibit Page 1. West Pac Cruise 1977 - 1978.
This is the first photo in the Doug Keller Exhibit. It is of an H-3 Sea King helicopter landing on the deck of the aircraft carrier the USS Kitty Hawk CV-63. Many helicopters like the H-3 are used on aircraft carriers for rescue operations, ship to ship cargo transfer, personnel transfer, anti-submarine operations and I'm sure for more purposes than I really know. The Sikorsky h3 sea king is 72' 9" long and had a rotor span of 62'. The H-3 empty weight 11,300 lbs and a max weight of 20,500 lbs. The Sikorsky Sea King used two General Electric T58 engines with 1,250 hp each, a total of 2,500hp. It had a max range of 540 miles a max speed of 160 mph and a ceiling of 15,000 feet. The Sikorsky h-3 sea king has been used by the military since 1962.
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H-3 Sea King Helicopter lands

on the deck of the Aircraft Carrier USS Kitty Hawk, CV63.

1977 - 1978

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an h-3 sea king prepares for landing on the uss kitty hawk cv63

h-3 sea king multi purpose helicopters

H-3 Sea King Photo from Doug Keller.

The H-3 Sea King helicopter makes its final alignment into wind just before touchdown.
The flight deck crew scrambles to avoid the tremendous prop wash. This pilot
is tremendously skilled and moves the helicopter up and down in coordination
with the rise and fall of the moving deck. But that's not all. The ship is moving
so the pilot must keep up with he ship too. And since this all takes place on the
out side, the pilot must also correct for wind gust and all the time, he must put the
helicopter down on a postage stamp.

Hello, my name is Doug Keller, in the years listed above I was stationed  on the Hawk as a Photographers Mate, I was in OP division, I would like to correspond with fellow shipmates, I too was an Hogan's Hero and I remember the steel beach party in the south China Sea. Small world, I will call again.

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