Fukushima Earthquake and Tsunami

 The True Effects of the Fukushima Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Accident

  Los verdaderos efectos de la Terremoto Tsunami Fukushima, accidentes nucleares 



Along with Global Climate Change comes many other problems with Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Nuclear Accidents, not to mention other man made problems from our sloppiness.

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  Global Climate Change is a whole lot more than just the temperature rising or changes in rainfall, it is an entire, large, number of human related errors or lack of concern for our environment caused by people.  The Fukushima disaster is one of the examples where natural disasters can cause human made disasters.  Take a look at the Fukushima Nuclear power plant.  It is located in an earthquake zone and in a tsunami zone.  The used waste material was stored on top of the active reactors.

The power plant did not have a large retaining wall around it to protect it from tsunamis or a way for it to contain large amounts of contaminated water.   I'm sure that most of you have heard about these problems already, but what isn't told is that most of the worlds nuclear reactors are very old and are at the end of their service life.  Nuclear power plants are located on fault lines all over the world as well as in flood zones, earthquake zones and tsunami areas.  At any time we can have another nuclear disaster, and there will be one and even more.

Take a look at the military.  How many nuclear ships and submarines are floating around in our oceans?  How many missiles and airplanes have nuclear tipped bombs?  How much nuclear waste exist and where is it?  These are all problems that we are confronting right now and with the global climate changes coming in stronger every year, these nuclear problems will greatly add to the existing changes that we are all seeing right now. 

I was always told to set yourself for good things to happen and to make sure that you are not set up for bad things.  The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant was a setup for bad things to happen.  And, with the long half lives, the time it takes for the nuclear material to decay, we will have dead areas that will out last humanity itself.  We are playing with concentrating materials that are guaranteed to fail in the future, the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is just one of these examples. 

Think of this, by building up nuclear plants to solve our energy problems, are we going to be setting ourselves for good futures or bad futures.  There's an easy way to answer that and that is how long ago did people build the Pyramids and how long ago did the Roman Empire form and Fall; When did the Greek or the Persian Empires fall.  Compared to the half life of Uranium-238 which is 703,800,000, these empires came and gone in just the few hours of the human's existence on earth.   Fooling around with all of these dangerous materials are going to leave  large dead zones  all around the earth which will never, in the lifetime of human existence, go away and we will never be able to go there again.

Look at some of these videos and you will see what happens in the lifetime of human made wonders.


  President Obama wants to make a New, Clean and Safe Nuclear Power Plant 

Click Here he talks about the economy and about how it will create new jobs with a clean ecology.
How can this happen when we cannot even recover our history over the past two thousand years and the
Waste from a Nuclear Power Plant last for several Billion Years.  This is a foolish statement to make
for any society making such dangerous waste that can potentially destroy every human and ever form
of life on the planet.  It's a stupid proposal to be called safe; safe for who?

Just like this proposal, the Japanese who built the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant had
great visions of the future and gave great speeches on how Nuclear Power will improve
the lives of everyone around the area and even the country as a whole.

  Now look at these videos on the Tsunami in Fukushima Japan. 


The moment of the tsunami at Otsuchi-cho in Iwate. 3,11 岩手県大槌町 津波

Listen to the sounds in the background.  At first you can hear sounds of awe and laughter, like it was a
neat thing that everyone was looking at, then reality sets in when the wave comes nearer and the
sounds go from laughter and being neat, to this is a real disaster.


The Earthquake and Tsunami hit, now it's time for the Nuclear Plant to show what it can do.

  Fukushima (Japan) Nuclear Power Plant Explosion 12 March 2011 

A big explosion at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant following the Tsunami and Earthquake.


  Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Reactor 3 explosion on March 14, 2011 


Famed physicist Dr. Michio Kaku talks with CNN about Fukushima and how Japanese officials still do not have control of the Fukushima nuclear disaster


Cleanup will take a hundred years. 
The radiation can be seen in the Milk in New York.

Now you have seen a lot of information about Nuclear Radiation and Global Climate and Human Problems.  What are we up to with the global government change where the governments of the world are being run by corporations and not the people.  Believe me, the governments of the planet don't care about you.  They don't care about your kids or grandchildren.  The new social changes of having democracies being democracies owned by the super rich have a special plan for you.  They want you and me to die off.  Right now we are on the verge of having machines that can make machines that can make machines.  Once that is totally true, humans are not needed and the governments of the world have the grand master plan to have almost every one of us die out.  This is why they are storing all of the seeds in seed banks.  Once you, the people, are wiped out, they are planning on regenerating the planet with the perfect human population, as stated on the Georgia Guide Stones as being about five hundred million.  Then the earth will be their own wonderland free of war and masses of people.  If I am telling you a big bunch of bull, then why are all of the companies still pushing toward total destruction and still putting more and more seeds in the seed bank.  Why aren't they stopping the problems of the planet instead of making them worse.  It's because they know what they are doing and I just told you what it is that's happening in our world.  Sorry to sound so bleak about our future, but it is happening right now, not just with the nuclear plants, but the increase in mountain to removal, dumping sewage and chemicals in our rivers, poisoning our lands and dragging their feet when it comes to putting a stop to global climate change.  It's happening.

Now, what are we needing to fix this problem.  First of all we need to get an international ban on nuclear anything.  This is a substance that needs to be left alone.  We need to stop all carbon fuels, even the so called renewable fuels like Ethanol.   We need to reduce the population by population controls, not wars.  We need to look much more closely into the Hojo Motor or the Prendev Motors which would even eliminate power poles and lines or even gasoline.  But, for right now we need to minimize the amount of carbons that we use in our transportation and our power generation. 

Now, in California they are finding Cesium 137 that came from the Fukushima Power Plant.  Cesium 137 is the product of weapons grade, enriched Uranium.  So it appears that in the Fukushima plant, they were making nuclear weapons.  Also, just recently found, is that the Kelp Forest near the California coast are also contaminated with nuclear waste from Fukushima.  Many fish and animals eat this Kelp and so do we.  Do you have a glowing smile today?




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