Effects of Permafrost loss in the Arctic and what we can do to reduce this problem

One Short Term Solution for the Effects of the Permafrost on the
Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline Problems

Una solucin a corto plazo sobre los Efectos de la permafrost en la
Trans Alaska Problemas del Oleoducto



With Global Warming, the Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline is experiencing problems
with the Oil Pipeline Support Stands, Snow Machines may be the answer.
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Global Warming and the Melting Permafrost, The Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline is sinking, Snow Machines may be the answer.

In one series of articles that I read, they talked about the Trans Alaskan Pipeline, the melting permafrost in Alaska is a near future problem for the stability of the support platforms.  Because of the melting permafrost was going to cause a sinking of the pipe, it will to make it necessary to replace many of the supports with even deeper support stands. The cost of replacing even one of the Freezer Post Supports was said to be about 85,000. Here's an idea that could be incredibly cheaper and beneficial in many other ways at the same time.

Why not use Snow Making Machines.

These machines would use existing permafrost melt water which forms into tens of thousands of heat absorbing ponds throughout the permafrost area.  The snow machines would drain the heat absorbing ponds, and at the same time place a reflective white layer of snow over the pipeline's supports. The machines would then service a triple service of Reducing the heat absorbing permafrost melt water ponds, Increase the reflectivity of the tundra, and keep the trans Alaska Oil Pipeline Supports from needing replaced. 85,000 could make a whole lot of snow.   When you add the number of Alaskan Pipeline Support Stands together, this will add up to be a tremendous amount of money.

Support Stands hold the heated Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline up off of the Permafrost so they, themselves, will not melt the Alaskan permafrost and cause pipeline instability. 

Trans Alaskan Pipeline in early fall

Before Snow Machine Treatment

Alaskan Pipeline After Snow Machine Treatment

After Snow Machine Treatment

Look at the huge number of support stands that are used to actually support this very short section of pipeline.  The Access road would make a perfect place to set up a snow generator machine to spray the white reflective and insulating snow over the support stands and nearby field.

As the Trans Alaskan Oil Pipeline goes under ground and under the road, these Ammonia filled refrigerator units and sunk into the permafrost to keep it permafrost.

Photos by C. Jeff Dyrek

Click Here's a close-up picture of the Cooling units used to keep the permafrost frozen.  If we could keep these units operational, without replacement for even a couple of more years, we could save billions of dollars in replacement cost.

Read more at the Alaskan Expedition of 2006 Exhibit



Mr. Dyrek
Photographer, Arctic expert, Webmaster
Dear Sir,
I am impressed by your courage when you are in USN as you described in your site.
I heard about you with the 2 color photographs (with artist rendering) of your plead for a "Snow Machine" to help further protect the Alyeska pipeline.
If I understand well your proposal, you want a "Snow Machine" (perhaps one of some similarity with those used for ski stations?) to be installed there to create snow in advance of the nearby area. Surely to help protect the mollisol (surface part, which thaw in spring and summer) and have also a better albedo to help reflect the heat emitted by the 48 " OD tube hot contents. This shall also help the caribou pass under without too much imprint in this fragile soil.

I agree with such of objectives. However, I think that this a simpler approach (and less costly too) to possible be placed there and would be able to reach the same goals.  And there's no need to use hoses for water, air, and no cables to feed it with energy (electricity in such a snow machines)
My suggestion is to use existing type of heat pipes that are already there, but a shorter model than the 1/2 as long in each of the Vertical Support beams. To only chill of the 1st foot of the mollisol, to help it to stay frozen longer and also keep the snow and/or ice atop.  And help to cause it to re-appear sooner in the spring and later in the the fall: if rain in the autumn happens , it will give slush or ice rain on the soil contact....
So, if such a device are fine to protect the pipeline since 1977, I am sure that further protection can be insured by improved version of this technology, simple, autonomous and strong (able to do their duty during the 2002 Denali earthquake).
I think that 2- 4 short units can be enough "between" the 2 sets of Vertical Support Members: 1-2 each side of the pipeline. If caribou expected to pass around them, I suggest to you that the fins atop them be replaced with a new type of system developed at the Utah Un. by team of Dr. Orest: the thermo-acoustic concept. Able to change major heat emission inside the heat pipe into sound, if the ultrasound type are selected (as some of prototypes of Dr. Orest), the sound itself could repel animals which can un-dig the cooling post....
Let me know for more.
So, sending you good wishes for your next Arctic expedition, I thank you for your courtesy to read my limited American (although I have a Scottish name, I am a francophone near of Montral in Qubec).
Yours truly,
Raoul J. pettigrew, B. Sc. Org. Ch.




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Один Краткосрочные решения для воздействия на вечной мерзлоте
Транс-Аляска Проблемы нефтепровода

Einn Short Term Lausn fyrir hrifum sfrera
Trans Alaska Ola leisla Vandaml



En kortsiktig lsning for effekten av permafrosten p
Trans Alaska oljerrledning Problemer

En kortsiktig lsning fr effekterna av permafrosten p
Trans Alaska pipeline problem

Yksi lyhyen aikavlin ratkaisu ja vaikutukset ikirouta on
Trans Alaska ljyputki ongelmat

एक पर permafrost के प्रभाव के लिए लघु अवधि के समाधान
ट्रांस अलास्का तेल पाइपलाइन समस्याएं

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ترانس نفت آلاسکا مشکل خط لوله

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Trans-Alaska Petrol Boru Hattı Sorunları

Μια βραχυπρόθεσμη λύση για τις επιπτώσεις της για το Permafrost
Trans Αλάσκα Προβλήματα Αγωγού Πετρελαίου

Une solution court terme pour les effets du perglisol sur la
Trans Alaska problmes de canalisations de ptrole


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