Wind Power Cost

   Driving up the Cost of Wind Power is it Real  

With Global Warming do you think that our companies and industries
are interested in stopping it.  NO WAY!  They want to make money
to the very end.  And the end is on it's way
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How are we driving the cost of alternative energy sources, Wind Power, up to a point that cost too much.

This is what I am thinking.  If we stop the war, we will cut the carbon emissions of the U.S. by about half, or, the planets emissions by 1/8.  Then if we put the same money into solar and wind fuels, we will cut the emissions of the U.S. by 90%.  With this huge investment in solar power and wind power, the of solar and wind energy will drop dramatically.

When I was driving through the Mojave Desert, I was looking at the huge wind farms.  Only a few of the about one hundred wind generators were running.  It took me a long, long time to figure out why they weren't all running.  It was because they only supplemented the coal, oil and nuclear power.   This was a political move which kept the oil companies in the money and drove the cost of wind power way up.  If the wind generators are not used and we put them up, then it means that the return on investment was low and politically, they can say that it cost so much that it's not really economically feasible.

The cost of ethanol is going up and the food supplies are dropping tremendously, world wide The huge flood in Iowa has really damaged the corn crop in that state.  This too is driving ethanol cost way up.  Scientific American Magazine said that the ethanol is good because it consumes CO2 in the process of growing and lowers the Ethanol's real carbon emission amount below what is measured out of the exhaust pipes.  But with food cost going up because we are using ethanol, we are paying for this crop diversion in other ways that can cause real problems in the worlds food reserves.

Click Here's an article by Wayne German on Tethered airfoils that will increase the efficiency of wind farms by almost ten times and lower the super expensive production cost of tower based wind generators that we are accustomed to now.

Read about Tethered Airfoils by Wayne German

Again, we need to stop the war and put those financial resources into solar and wind energy and we need to do it right now.  Companies like  have even better solutions by making pollution free motors using magnets.  These types of motors will eliminate your power bill, your gas bill, your gasoline bill and completely do away with electrical power companies and even telephone poles.  Look at the Cyccone motor at their site. It can power a generator that will heat and cool your house, run your car and provide you with all of the electricity that you will ever need, all at a one time cost.  You will have no monthly bills to pay and this is exactly why the Cycclone Motor is not being talked about on the news or by the politicians.  The don't talk about it because their buddies cannot charge you a monthly bill.  Gas stations will be a thing of the past.  Electric companies will disappear and our skies will be free of countless poles and wires.  But this is exactly what we need.  We need to shift our ways of thought and put our minds to work on a way to save our tails.  It's coming and when it hits, it will hit very, very hard like a United States Marine punching you in the nose.  But we need to act right now and get these new energy sources into everyone's homes and cars and do it right now, or we lose.

C. Jeff Dyrek, 8-9-2008

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