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  Al Gore on Global Warming; Is Global Warming a Hoax?

Global Warming Hoax, Al Gore speaks out, is Global Warming Real? Read This

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  What about the Global Warming Hoax. 
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Now that you've watched the videos, Read this.

Whether we are having global warming because of carbon emissions or not is not the problem.  The problem is overpopulation, overproduction, overconsumption, and over polluting our planet in every way.  We only have six percent of our native virgin forest left. Our aquifers are drying up, our fish are dying, our coral is dying, we have dead zones off of almost every major port, the oysters are becoming infected with herpes, and on top of all of that, we are having crop failures, threats of wars, economic problems, our kids are drugged, our families are broken and we are at the crossroads of a series of events, anyone of them can destroy our entire civilization.  We have major problems to fix everywhere we look.

Take a look at the figures. We are pumping 7 Million tons of CO2 into the air every day.  That's not counting the sulfur, insecticides, herbicides and who knows what else.  This cannot be a good thing for our health or the health of the planet.  Watch one of the NASA programs and take a look at how thin our atmosphere really is above the planet.  We are pumping Seven Million tons of Carbons into this atmosphere every single day.  There has to be a reaction to this atmospheric change.  Look at all of the other chemicals we are pumping into the atmosphere.  There has to be an effect.  When we cause something to happen, we will feel the effects. 

Just think of the population of our planet of over 6.6 billion.  When I was a kid it was about 3 billion.  When we breathe out, we are breathing out Carbon Dioxide.  We breathe in Oxygen and exhale Carbon Dioxide.  With an increase of three billion in the last fifty years, we have doubled the amount of Carbon Dioxide being placed into the atmosphere with population alone.  Now, take a look at a tree.  Most of the weight of that tree came from the carbon that it breathed in from Carbon Dioxide.  But now, we have twice as many people and half the number of trees.  Can you see the balance there. 

As the standards of living increase throughout the world, the peoples consumption rate increases, meaning that each individual is consuming more than he did the previous year. Take a look at Google Earth and look through the forest.  There are no forest.  The forest that I used to go in Arkansas are now all greatly thinned forest or clear cut.  Every little hill has a road to it and a house on it.  When I was a kid, this was all backwoods country.

Using Google Earth, I was looking at the huge remaining forest of the Olympic Peninsula.  When the higher resolution photos came out, it was clear that these were not forest at all, they were tree farms.  In a tree farm the diversity of life just isn't there.  Everywhere I looked in North America, the natural forest were gone with most of the ground being turned into a farm for regular crops and a small percent of them being replanted as a  tree farm.

What am I getting at.  We are in huge trouble.  Global warming is happening.  Pumping 7 million tons of carbon into the atmosphere is not doing us any good.  80% of the Krill have died in the summer of 2007, the very base of our food chain:  Africa has a 70% to 100% crop loss in their summer of 2008: The Glaciers are melting which will cause most of the Asian rivers to dry up in the summer:  And, we are going to see huge food shortages world wide in the next couple of years.  It's happening, we are seeing it. 

But whose this webmaster guy who is writing all of this.  I've worked on North Pole Expeditions every year since 1999.  I was a expedition guide until 2005 when I became the expedition leader.  I've seen the changes in both the Arctic Ice cap and in the Glaciers myself.  I'm telling you the truth.  The only hoax is that drilling more oil wells is going to be good for our economy ten years from now.  We are in big trouble and you need to buy all of your camping gear and supplies right now and be prepared for worse than the worse.

C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster, Expedition Guide, Expedition Leader 10-18-2008


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