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The B-24 Liberator was built in a factory called Willow Run in Detroit Michigan during WW2.  The factory was built by Edsel Ford and designed by Charles Sorensen.  The Willow Run factory was named Willow Run because is it was built on the Willow Run Creek.  This is interesting because the last person to live on the Willow Run property was Benjamin Kidder.  I have spoken to Ben, personally, and he is one of the nicest people that anyone could ever meet.  Ben wrote a book called Willow Run, Colossus of Industry, a book about the production of the WW2 B 24 Liberator, military bomber.  When the factory was in full production it produced a B-24 Liberator every 56 minutes.  This factory is one of Edsel Ford 's greatest achievements.  You can read more about this fantastic, very well written book by ing here to see the WW2 exhibit. 

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WW2 B-24 Liberator Videos, DVD Movies.

Commissioned to replace the B-17, the Liberator was built in near-record time. The machine was designed around the long-span low-drag Davis wing, a new concept at the time of production. Early models were soon superseded on all production lines by the J model, the most successful B-24 of all time. When production ceased on 31 May 1945, 18,475 Liberators had been made, making it the most produced American aircraft of WW2.


Air War Over Germany - DVD

Through fascinating archival footage, this program examines the Allied bomber offensive against Nazi Germany during World War II. You'll review the political and military situation before the Strategic Bombing Campaign, portraits of leaders and commanders, the dual objectives of disrupting German war production and hurting civilian morale, weapons and tactics, and the results of the campaign itself. B&W and color, 1 hr. 40 min.
Air Battles of World War II - DVD
The War File
This program covering the aerial warfare of World War II features dramatic footage of dogfights over England, the F4U Corsair and F6F Hellcat versus the Japanese A6M Zero, the 617 Squadron "Dambusters" Operation Chastise bombing raids, B-24s on the Ploesti mission, the battle for the Island of Malta, the air war over the battlefields of the Kursk Salient between Russian and German aces, and more. B&W, Dolby Digital, 1 hour.
Aerial Gunner - DVD

Starring Richard Arlen, Chester Morris and Robert Mitchum, this 1943 film follows an aerial gunner who recounts his days training and fighting in the South Pacific, where he and his sergeant - who were competing for the same woman - crash-landed on an island infested with Japanese forces and were forced to work together as they struggled to repair their plane while holding off the enemy. Filmed on location at Harlingen Gunnery School; 1 hr. 19 min.
B-24 Liberator Target Japan 


B-24 Liberator Target Nazi Europe


China Crisis

This is the official Army Air Force film telling the story of the WW2 14th Air Force in China.  Covers the Flying Tigers in their P-40s, B-24 Liberators and B-25s covering the shipping lanes  running from Japan to the southwest, and Japan's 1944 Great East China offensive. A  wonderful video history of the desperate battles in China, documenting the defeats as well as the victories. Also includes "My Japan" bonus film portraying the Japanese viewpoint for going to war. 58 min.

How to Fly the B-24 Liberator Bomber
Warbird Checkout #9

Running time 57 min. How to Fly the B-24 Bomber - A comprehensive pilot training film made  by Consolidated Aircraft for new pilots learning to fly the B-24. "Though very large,  the Liberator handles like a small plane", the instructor quips as he conducts an  instrument by instrument preflight and engine start up. Ride along as he instructs you  on taxi, run-up, takeoff, pattern work, pre-landing check list, landings, and all the  way to shut down. Color.

Preflight Inspection of B-24 Liberator

The official 'Crew Chief' guide to pre-flight inspecting the B-24 Liberator. Video 29 min.

B-24 Liberator Trilogy 


B-24 Bomber at War in the Pacific/Series 3 

The fourth in a series created by a B-24 pilot. Watch as the B-24 clears a path to Japan! Experience the attacks on the Gilbert, Marshall,  Caroline, and Solomon Islands. Resistance stiffens as the Allies approach Japan, and more than 4,000,000 pounds of bombs must fall on  Rabul alone before the Japanese are defeated! See the 10th Air Force blast a gateway from India to China using the first radio controlled  bombs. Then watch as the B-24 helps retake the Philippines and Iwo Jima. B-24's at War is the story of Allied victory in World War II. Other "B-24's at War" Titles: The B-24 Story, Series I: Ploesti!, and Series II: Combat Mission. 


Wing and a Prayer

The story of, and a tribute to, the 1700 men who flew the famous low level raid on  Ploesti August 1, 1943, as told by Walter Stewart, pilot of the B-24 'Utah Man'. The  Allied assault against Hitlers oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania is the most highly  decorated military mission in American history. Spectacular footage! An Emmy Award Winning Documentary. Color and B&W, 58 min. Video.

Birth of the Bomber

The Story of the B-24 Liberator This is the story of how the Allies developed and  deployed this great plane. Starting with amazing footage of the B-24 bomber in  action around the globe, we witness how the Willow Run factory was retooled to  produce one B-24 Bomber every 53 minutes! This is also the story of the men who flew the  lethal B-24 Liberator and their heroic saga of raw courage and mechanical genius. 60 min. Video.

B-24 Liberator

View from the Cockpit Follow the rugged B-24 Bomber into actual combat during WWII with  this rare glimpse of the world's most utilized heavy bomber in action. This video  shows B-24 Liberator crews skimming over the oil tanks and chimneys of key Nazi targets,  delivering their payloads with deadly accuracy; squadrons of Liberators hitting the  heavily defended refineries at Ploesti again and again; and reveals the high of  war as combat troops lose a third of their attacking force - 57 Liberators and crews.  The video ends with the story of one B-24 Bomber that didn't make it home as its co-pilot,  the sole survivor, recalls the mission, the war and his fellow crewmembers. 46 min. Video.

B 24 Liberator Story 

The first in a series created by a B-24 bomber pilot. See how the B-24 Liberator was manufactured by 42,000 men & women at the Willow Run  plant created by Henry Ford. Over one million parts came together to produce one B-24 per hour for the Arsenal of Democracy!  Experience how global B-24 Liberator wartime strategy was designed and implemented by Roosevelt and Churchill in 1943: from the North  Atlantic to North Africa and the Continent. Watch the wing power of the B-24 turn the tide against the Nazi menace! Relive the pounding of Ploesti, where the B-24 Liberator reduced Hitler's fuel production to a trickle! Rare captured Nazi film footage shows the impact on Hitler's war  machine. The B-24 Bomber Story is the story of Allied victory in World War II. Other "B-24's at War" Titles: Series I: Ploesti!, Series II: Combat  Mission, and Series III: The Road to Japan.  Click Here for the Book, "Willow Run" a fantastic book by Warren Benjamin Kidder  Video.

Report From the Aleutians

This John Huston epic World War 2 film documentary, filmed over six months, captures the  lives of the soldiers who manned the most remote outpost in the war: the Aleutian  Islands in the North Pacific. This Academy Award-nominated 1943 production  captures the bombings of this area as well as the loneliness of the troops. Unusual  scenes include B-24 Liberators and P-38s trying to operate under the extremes of wind and  rain. 45 min. Video.

Jimmy Stewart
Legends of Airpower

Brigadier General James Stewart - actor, warrior, and a great American. He was America's leading man who wanted to serve his country during WWII. Too thin to meet the Army Air Corps weight standards,  he stuffed himself for two days to just barely meet the standard. As a B-24 Liberator pilot, he built a reputation  as a solid combat commander. He was involved with the Air Force and aviation for the rest of his life,  retiring as a Brigadier General in the Air Force Reserve. 30 Minutes. Video.

B 24 at War/Series 1 

The second in a series created by a B-24 bomber pilot. Ploesti. More medals of honor were earned in this action than any other in USAAF  history! 540 American flyers lost their lives in this daring surprise attack against Hitler's main source of gasoline production. Join the 44th  and 98th Bomb Groups as they risk their lives to stop Nazi terror! B-24's at War is the story of Allied victory in World War II. Other  "B-24's at War" Titles: The B-24 Liberator Story, Series II: Combat Mission, and Series III: The Road to Japan. 

War Planes of WWII
Empires of Industry

They had names like the Liberator, Flying Fortress, Wildcat and even Goony Bird. Over 300,000 of them  were built in just a few short years, essentially creating one of the largest industries in America from  scratch. They are the War Planes of World War II. From the factory floor to enthusiast's clubs today,  this is a comprehensive look at the American planes that helped win the war. Archival footage shows  them under construction and in action in dogfights, bomb runs and vital transport missions. Aviation  experts tell how so many planes were made so quickly, and detail how the lessons learned during the  war helped create the aviation industry as we know it. And strap into the cockpits of lovingly restored  World War II warplanes for an exciting flight into history, as hobbyists keep these legendary machines  alive and in the air. Filled with rare footage and revealing interviews, this is the dramatic chronicle of  the fiery birth of one of America's great industries, and a loving look at the sensational planes that made  it. 50 min.

B 24 at War/Series 2 

The third in a series created by a B-24 pilot. Join the 44th Bomb Group and prepare for attack! Experience every aspect of a successful  B-24 invasion into the heart of the Nazi Reich! Then see the incredible story of the construction of the airbase at Adak, Alaska. Watch  the battle of Dutch Harbor: part of the only enemy invasion of the United States in World War II! B-24's at War is the story of Allied  victory in World War II. Other "B-24's at War" Titles: The B-24 Story, Series I: Ploesti!, and Series III: The Road to Japan. 

B-24 Bomber Crew 
Flying the Bombers B 24 Liberator 
GFamous Planes:Ww2 Bombers (1999) 
Great Fighting Machines of WWII - Allied Bombers (1993) 
B-24 Bombers Over Normandy 

John Bybee B-24 Research Exhibit
This Exhibit covers the End of the B-24 Liberator showing the very last B-24 to be built at the Tulsa Oklahoma B-24 Liberator Production Plant.  
Exhibit Added 12-12-2008

The Pistol Packin Mama B-17 and it's Crew
764 Bomber Squadron B-24 Liberators
Robert Galvan 461st Bomb Group B-24 Liberator

B-24 Liberator #66 15th Air Force

Jack Cody, Mission 151 Odertal Germany

B-24 Liberator
William Zumsteg Airplane Crash B-24 Liberator

The Peace Maker B-24 Liberator #41

B-24 Liberator "I Walk Alone" in World War 2

B-24 Liberator "Judy R" WW2

The Last B-24 Liberator Made in Tulsa, Tulsamerican

One More Mission, A Journey From Childhood to War

Willow Run, B-24 Liberator Production Plant

Polish Air Force B-24 Liberator

German Top Secret Rocket Program

Arab Israeli War 1948 John Augarten Pilot
B-47 Stratojet "Ajax 18"

Cold War, 25th Bomber Squadron, The Executioners

Bob LaFara B-24 Liberators at Iwo Jima, Saipan, Oahu, Kwajalein.

Click Here to watch the Free  U.S. Air Force Blues, A great recruiting video showing many aircraft of the 50's and 60's

The Last B-24 Liberator to roll off of the Tulsa B-24 Liberator Production Line, the TulsaAmerican


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Jeff,   My Dad was one of the first " Bombagators " in  the Army Air Corps in WWII . He received the distinguished Flying cross  for leading a mission   over Germany during the war in a B-24 Liberator  Bomber . The name of the   plane was Galloping Katie two . Dad was Ernest  Robert DeVillers . The pilot   was J. Paul Getty . If you can set me up in any  search areas , it would be   greatly appreciated. Dad wrote a mission letter for  every mission he flew   but destroyed them just a few years ago . I have two that weren't in his  possession along with his graduation book from San Angelo Army Air Field in   San Angelo , Texas . If any of what I have can be of  use to you or others   interested in this history , please contact me at Frank dd890@aol.com 
 Thanks Jeff 
 Frank DeVillers 

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Click Here for the Willow Run Exhibit, Production of the B-24 Liberator, by Warren B. Kidder




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