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History of Israel Arab Conflict, First Arab Israeli War, Rudy Augarten, 1948.

Rudy Augarten's German Me-109 WW2 Aircraft History of the First Arab Israeli War Pilot John Augarten, Conflict in Isreal.  Research by John Bybee.


Historia de Israel Conflicto rabe, Primera Guerra rabe-israel, John Augarten, 1948.
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Research by John Bybee


    Arab-Israeli War,  1948 

Rudy Augarten Chez Built  Me-109

John Augarten
Arab-Israeli War, 16 October 1948
 American Volunteer Israeli 101st Fighter Squadron,


Rudy Augarten's German Me-109 WW2 Aircraft

Rudy Augarten's German Me-109 WW2 Aircraft
with a British Spitfire in the Background


American Fighter Aces


Flying an Avia S-199 (Czech-built version of the Me-109) for the Israeli's 101st Fighter Squadron, American Volunteer Rudy Augarten was patrolling between Majdal (Near Gaza) and Beersheba on 16 October 1948.  As he cruised just below 10,000 feet, he spotted a pair of Egyptian Spitfires a few thousand feet below, heading in the opposite direction.  A quick wingover and shallow dive put him behind the unsuspecting pilot of the rearmost Spitfire.  Closing in, he fired short burst, scoring hits on the Egyptian fighter,  Pouring smoke, the Spitfire went down to crash near a coastal sand dune.

Rudy Augarten went on to score three more victories in the Arab-Israeli War.  Adding the two Me-109s he shot down while flying P-47s with the 976 fighter Group in World War II.  He became one of the six Americans to achieve ace.


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I am My Brother's Keeper
I am My Brother's Keeper

American Volunteers in Israel’s War for Independence 1947-1949 Weiss & Weiss. Canadians and Americans fought side-by-side with the Israeli Army, Navy and Air Force, providing leadership, combat experience and technical expertise. This book names the volunteers and recreates their historic deeds. Over 100 B&W photos, map, 336 pgs., 6"x 9", hdbd
New Heavens
New Heavens

My Life as a Fighter Pilot and a Founder of the Israeli Air Force.
Senior. Meet Boris Senior, an important participant in the formation of the Israel Air Force (IAF) and in the 1948 War of Independence against Israel's Arab neighbors. You'll read of combat sorties in such widely differing aircraft as the Spitfire and, of all things, a Beechcraft Bonanza - and even how Senior used his own money to buy supplies and aircraft, personally undertaking multiple dangerous missions to fly new acquisitions to Israel. 288 pages, 5"x 8", hardcover.

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Jerusalem, Israel
James Blakeway
40x14 Fine Art Print
?457693&L=11&P=10281865&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">


Ariel View of the Western Wall, Jerusalem
Panoramic Images
96x32 Photograph...


Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Israel
Yvette Cardozo
144x96 Wall Mural
Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Israel
Yvette Cardozo
40x30 Photograph...
?457693&L=11&P=11904120&S=2&Y=0" target="_blank">


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تاريخ اسرائيل والصراع العربي الأول للحرب العربية الاسرائيلية ، وجون Augarten ، 1948.
История на Израел арабския конфликт, Първа арабските израелската война, Джон Augarten 1948г.
Histria d'Israel Conflicte rab, Primera Guerra rab-israeli, John Augarten, 1948.
以色列历史上阿拉伯世界的冲突,第一次阿拉伯以色列战争,约翰奥格腾, 1948年。
以色列歷史上阿拉伯世界的衝突,第一次阿拉伯以色列戰爭,約翰奧格騰, 1948年。
Povijest arapsko izraelski sukob, Prvi arapsko izraelski rat, John Augarten, 1948.
Historie Izraele arabskho konfliktu, prvn arabsko izraelsk vlky, John Augarten, 1948.
Historie Israels arabiske konflikt, First arabiske israelske krig, John Augarten, 1948.
Geschiedenis van Isral Arabisch conflict, eerste Arabische Isralische Oorlog, John Augarten, 1948.
Kasaysayan ng Israel Arab Salungat, Unang Arabong Israeli Digmaan, John Augarten, 1948.
Historia Israelin arabien Konfliktien ensimminen arabimaiden Israelin sodan John Augarten, 1948.
Histoire d'Isral arabes des conflits, le premier arabe isralien de guerre, John Augarten, 1948.
Geschichte Israels arabischen Konflikt, erste arabische israelischen Krieg, John Augarten, 1948.
Η ιστορία του Ισραήλ αραβικές συρράξεις, πρώτη αραβική ισραηλινό Πόλεμο, John Augarten, 1948.
היסטוריה של ישראל סכסוך ערבי, ערבי ישראלי מלחמת ראשון, ג 'ון Augarten, 1948.
इज़राइल अरब संघर्ष, पहले अरब इजरायल युद्ध, जॉन Augarten, 1948 का इतिहास.
Sejarah konflik Israel Arab, Pertama Perang Arab Israel, John Augarten, 1948.
Storia del conflitto arabo Israele, prima guerra arabo israeliana, Giovanni Augarten, 1948.
アラブイスラエル紛争は、まず、アラブイスラエルの戦争、ジョンアウガルテンは、 1948年の歴史。
아랍 이스라엘 분쟁, 첫 아랍 이스라엘 전쟁, 존 Augarten 1948의 역사.
Vēsture Izraēlas arābu konflikta, First Arab Izraēlas kara, John Augarten, 1948.
Istorija Izraelio arabų konflikto, Pirmojo Arabų Izraelio karo John Augarten, 1948.
History of Israel Arab Conflict, First Arab israelske krigen, John Augarten, 1948.
Historia Izraela Arabskie konfliktu izraelsko Pierwsze Arabskie wojny, John Augarten, 1948.
Histria de Israel Conflito rabe, rabes israelitas Primeira Guerra, John Augarten, 1948.
Istoria lui Israel Arabe Conflict, Primul război arab israelian, John Augarten, 1948.
История Израиля арабского конфликта, первой арабской израильской войны, Джон Augarten, 1948.
Историја Арапско израелски сукоб, Први Арапско израелски рат, Џон Аугартен, 1948.
Histria Izraela arabskho konfliktu, prvej arabsko izraelskej vojny, John Augarten, 1948.
Zgodovina Izraela arabski konfliktov, prve arabsko izraelski vojni, John Augarten, 1948.
Historia de Israel Conflicto rabe, Primera Guerra rabe-israel, John Augarten, 1948.
History of Israel Arab Conflict, Frsta arabiska israeliska kriget, John Augarten, 1948.
Історія Ізраїлю арабського конфлікту, першою арабської ізраїльської війни, Джон Augarten, 1948.
Lịch sử Israel Xung đột Ả Rập, Ả Rập Israel chiến tranh đầu tin, John Augarten, 1948.


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