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The Mighty Eighth Air Force

Sequel to the book Willow Run: Colossus of American Industry: 

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The Mighty Eighth Air Force contains all of the Daily Flying Missions from 1941 - 1945 using the B-24 Liberator
and B-17 Flying Fortress in World War 2.

      A Step by Step Log of All of the Missions of the Eighth Air Force in World War II  

The Mighty Eighth Air Force WWII

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The Mighty Eighth Air Force

by Warren Benjamin Kidder.

12/07/41 Learning of the Pearl Harbor attack, Alaska’s Command put their 6 B-18 and 12 P-36's in the air.

01/28/42 Eighth AF Activated at Savannah AB.

05/05/42 Gen Spaatz Commands Bolling Field, prepares troops for move over to the United Kingdom.

05/19/42 Eighth AF Gen Arnold presents Program of Arrival for US Army Air Forces to the UK.  Provides for 66 combat groups by Mar 1943.

05/11/42 The Queen Mary brings 1800 AAF troops.

05/13/42 Flying personnel of 15th Bomb Squadron Arrives in Newport, UK without aircraft.

01/27/43 Eighth AF makes first German attack
on Submarine naval yards.

06/06/44 D Day 1,729 B-17 and B-24s drop 3596 tons of bombs.

03/03/45 Eighth AF Operating 1,048 HBs in 6 Forces bomb 10 primary tgts, including 10 oil refineries, and a tank plant with several secondary’s and Targets of Opportunity T/Os. 657ftr Sorties flown in support of mission.

4/30/45 Hitler Commits Suicide

5/8/45 Germany Surrenders

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A Wolverine and B-24 Liberators at Ploesti in World War 2

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