Willow Run B24 Production Exhibit, Michigan

Willow Run: A New Eighth Air Force WW2 Movie.

Willow Run: Colossus of American Industry: Production and Operation of the
B-24 Liberators in the 8th Air Force in WW2.

Willow Run: a New Movie Release about the Production and Operations of the B-24 Liberator,
the plane that Won WW2 in Europe

This movie will have a bigger impact than Pearl Harbor and a unique historical background, a first of it's kind.

Hollywood Movie Script Release

Willow Run: An Eighth Air Force WW2 Movie. 


From the Webmaster:  I have read the script for this movie and it has the most innovative beginning all wrapped around a beautiful love story.  This script is filled with action from the very start to it's finish and has a very surprising ending.  This is a fantastic script that kept me on the edge of my seat for the whole time that I was reading it and it will make a truly top rated movie.  C. Jeff Dyrek.


Willow Run. 

Numerous Hollywood stars and studio directors visited Willow Run  to see where the B-24 Bombers, flown by the Mighty Eighth Air Force to defeat Hitler, were Manufactured..
Some of them were:
Walt Disney - Walt Disney Studios
Louis B. Mayer - M.G.M. Studios

Walter Pidgeon - Hollywood Actor
Joe E. Brown - Hollywood Actor
Gracie Fields - Hollywood Actor
Irving Berling, Composer, "This Is The Army"
Lowell Thomas - News Commentator
Colonel Eddie Rickenbacker, Aviator and World War I ace.
And, Many Other Famous Persons


Edsel B. Ford II was kind enough to write the cover accolade for my book, Willow Run, Colossus of American Industry.
Now, this book serves as the basis of a screen play for a full-length motion picture portraying the most powerful battles of the Eighth Air Force to come out of World War II, combined with the true account of how Henry Ford’s right-hand man and confident, Charles Sorensen, conceived and built the largest manufacturing plant in the world, employing over 40,000 people. They mass-produced the 20 ton, four engine B-24 "Liberator" bomber, at the unbelievable rate of one per hour, for the 8th to defeat Hitler.
The accompanying love story focuses on an American B-24 pilot and a beautiful German Jew living in London, as a Nazi double agent, who fought a war inside of the war to be together, and brought about the financial collapse of Germany.
The script has been reviewed by the Secretary of the US Air Force Public Affairs: Departments of Movies and TV, who will give their final approval and support to its production once the studio has been selected. The Ford Motor Company has already given the green light to the script.
Colonel “Hap” Chandler, President, Second Air Division; Trustee, of the Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum; and, Founding President, Georgia Chapter 8th Air Force Historical Society (with 85 combat missions) has reviewed the script and sent several letters that enthusiastically support the movie’s production. (His Letters, and an Overview may be seen on the web at (“yellowairplane.com,” or Warren Benjamin Kidder ) John Travolta, mentioned in one of his letters), or Tom Cruise may have an interest in portraying Jimmy Stewart, (the actor, and retired General) who was the 8th Air Force operations officer; Or, one of the other characters such as Charles Lindbergh, Sorensen, who conceived the unbelievable mass production of the B-24, or Mr. Ford himself.
The script has been professionally reviewed, even audioed, and will produce a movie more powerful than Pearl Harbor, when properly produced.
Burkheimer who produced Pearl Harbor, and knows Willow Run, from having lived in Detroit, would be an excellent director; or Spielberg because his Jewish background matches that of the heroine. Both, would do an excellent job and be greatly appreciated by the Eight Air Force, and the Jewish society.
Your assistance in bring this script to a Hollywood studio for production would be greatly appreciated. Sincere, requests for Copyright script with WGA registration are encouraged..
Warren Benjamin Kidder, Author “Willow Run”
kidderfr@ATT.net Phone 517- 394-2849
PS: “In sheer magnitude and complexity, Henry Ford’s production of the B-24 Liberator bomber at Willow Run represents the greatest mass production achievement of the industrial age in war or peace.” (Michigan Historical Review 100th anniversary of the Automobile Industry: Vol. 22 No.2 Fall 1996).

Look below to see some scenes from the movie.

We are looking for a producer who would be interested in reading the script
to this fantastic movie.
Email: kidderfr@ATT.net Phone 517- 394-2849

Photo of Brigadier General James M. Stewart, USAF Reserve better known as Jimmy Stuart the Movie Actor.

Brigadier General James M. Stewart
USAF Reserve

The Real Operation's Officer of the
Second Air Division - 8th Air Force in WW2

Script Writers, Warren Benjamin Kidder, Jack Schaberg
Script Review by Craig Kellem, Internet Work, C. Jeff Dyrek 

Circus Outbound" hspace="10"0007584vspace="4" border="2" width="550" height="252">

The aerial combat was fierce

B-24Ds of the American pioneer 93rd Bomb Group climb through 21,000 feet into the light of the early morning sun. On this day, March 18, 1943, the B-24Ds, joined by B-17s and other bombers, crossed the East Coast of England en route to their target, the submarine base at Vegesack, Germany. This first mission to Germany for the 93rd Bomb Group proved that daylight bombing could be carried out successfully in the face of German defenses.


Legends of the 93rd

Huge numbers of Bombers flew toward Ploesti, Romania.

On August 1, 1943, after the effectiveness of the use of heavy bombers in daylight bombing, the B-24D Liberators of the 93rd Bomb Group, Squadron Started their mission to fly the low-level raids on Ploesti, Romania. This print showcases Joisey Bounce, a Liberator that flew with the 330th Bomb Group and survived these raids accompanying her are Thundermug and Boomerang,

Email: kidderfr@ATT.net Phone 517- 394-2849

Starting with high level flight for their long range mission, then dropping down to ground level, the B-24 Liberators, built at Willow Run, fly into battle at the German defended Ploesti oil fields in Romania.


0007634ALT="Ploesti: Into the Fire & Fury" HSPACE=10 VSPACE=2 BORDER=2 height=363 width=550>

Ploesti: Into the Fire & Fury
William S. Phillips.
On August 1, 1943, Col. Leon Johnson led a squadron of B-24Ds over target Ploesti in operation 'Tidal Wave.'


Remember... Returning is Secondary
"Remember... Returning is Secondary"

Badly damaged by flak, Hell's Wench - a B-24 Liberator flown by Lt. Col. Addison Baker, commander of the 93rd Bomb Group - continues toward its target during the daring low-level attack on the Ploesti oil refineries on August 1, 1943. Hell's Wench crashed shortly after releasing its bomb load, killing all of its crew. 


Savage Skies B-24 Liberator over Ploesti

Ploesti is burning.

On August 1, 1943, 178 Liberators made a famous low-level bombing raid on the oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania. This scene shows John R. "Killer" Kane's B-24 named Hail Columbia and another Pyramidier B-24, The Squaw, making their attack through the thick smoke over the target


A Wolverine and B-24 Liberators at Ploesti in World War 2

Painting by Daniel Bechennec
Visit Daniel's Website for some fantastic Paintings

See the Willow Run, B-24 New Movie Release


Operation Tidal Wave

The B-24 Liberators flew at extremely low altitudes.

B-24s of the 44th and 98th Bomb Groups exit the target at extreme low level after turning the oil refineries at Ploesti into a fiery maelstrom. this print is signed and numbered by the artist and by four B-24 pilots who flew in this historic raid.


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The Odyssey of Utah Man, North Africa 1943, by Gil Cohen shows the exhausted crew of the B-24 Utah Man after it had returned to base near Benghazi, Libya on August 1, 1943 after bombing the great oil refineries at Ploesti.  Base personnel welcome back the crew as pilot 1st Lt. Walter T. Stewart describes the mission to operations officer Maj. Ramsay D. Potts. losing 53 of 179 aircraft in the attack.  
This print is signed by the artist and Pilot  Col. Walter T. Stewart.


The Webmasters Dream

My dream is to make the movie with a scene in the mission briefing room having the actual grandchildren of the real pilots in this movie.  But, that's not all!  I want the exact scene to flash to a cut with the real pilots who are still living today, with all of their flight gear on, ready to go on their mission.  This scene would be great for the DVD version of the movie and with a documentary about how the movie was made giving the film a great historical significance.

Ben is in possession of the only color footage ever  taken by the B-24
Gun Cameras, along with other gun footage, and he obtained it from
the Yankee Air Force just one day before their building burned to the ground.

Ben Now has permission to use the only flying B-24 Liberator in this movie.

Click Here's Warren Benjamin Kidders New Book, The Mighty Eighth Air Force Click Here's the Movie Script for Willow Run


Click Here's some letters from our readers:
Click here to see more letters from other military members and their families
The Jesse Pettey 20 year old B-24 Liberator Pilot:   ExhibitAt that moment I forgot about the fighter escort and adjusted my comforting flak helmet and vest.  The top turret guns began to chatter as the flight engineer fired at an approaching enemy BF-109.  An instant later he was joined by the rattle of the right waist guns.  We were engaged in the bomb run and unable to maneuver our airplane to evade the fighters:  We could only fly in a stable flight path in the direction of the target so that the bomb load could, at the correct moment, direction, altitude and speed, be released.  We were sitting targets for both anti-aircraft guns and enemy fighters.  The next moment I witnessed and event that made me ill.  A German FW-190 suddenly appeared from below the nose of our aircraft and within a few seconds, released two rockets into a B-24 ahead of us. He then rolled upside down and disappeared in a dive underneath our airplane.  It occurred so suddenly, our gunners had insufficient time to react or to fire.   I could distinguish the German pilot as he rolled over because he appeared only a few yards ahead of the nose of our airplane.   I could distinguish the German pilot as he rolled over because he appeared only a few yards ahead of the nose of our airplane.  Instantly, the B-24 ahead exploded into a fireball and began a downward spiral.  Only a few parachutes opened underneath the revolving inferno but even more terrifying, some of the parachutes and clothing of the airmen were on fire.    Read the whole story here
Dear Jeff:  I was the Co-Pilot on the "Gremlin".  We were the only crew to fly #427512.  On 5 January 1944 we were shot down by three  German fighters  over Friedrichskoog, Germany.  I bailed out just a few seconds before the Gremlin blew up and 6 crewmen were KIA.  A 15 year old German viewed this event and saw a piece of the Gremlin fall  through their barn roof and kill a horse.  This German saw a  recent posting about our plane  and wrote to me that he had plowed up a piece of the Gremlin.  He sent this piece to me.  It looks to be a part of the engine and bears identification :  #9901 AND #108F23.  I would like to have this part identified.  I have a picture that I could send by attachment.  I am also interested to know if any quality control studies were made  to compare the quality of the B-24's made at the various manufacturing plants.  The Gremlin had problems with the superchargers  from the very first day we were assigned as its crew.  In fact we were alone on the day we were shot down as a result of being unable to keep up with the formation because the superchargers refused to operate as needed at high altitude.  I am interest to know if any comparative studies were made relative to such problems between the various manufacturing plants.  Also I would like to have a copy of any manufacturing data that may exist for  #427512. 
Thank  you for any assistance you may provide.  William T. (Bill) Minor
Hi Jeff-Just now whittled out some time to mail you with a little info ( for now ) gained from our Getty Family Reunion last weekend. I wrote you just before we left for Lake Pleasant, NY. I'll fill you in more later, but wanted to send two pix you and Mr. DeVillers might find interesting. Both in one .jpeg, 1st on top is my uncle, Capt. C.R. (Charles Robert) Getty on the right and Bombadier (Ernest Robert DeVillers) on the left. Bottom photo is, of course the G.K.II and GROUND CREW. C.R. is working on remembering their names. That's all for now, hope it adds to your quest. Brian Gough.

Bombadier Mr. DeVillers and Captain Charles Robert GettyB-24 Liberator Galloping Katie II
Click on Photos for Much Closer View

Jeff,  My Dad was one of the first " Bombagators " in  the Army Air Corps in WWII. He received the distinguished Flying cross  for leading a mission   over Germany during the war in a B-24 Liberator  Bomber. The name of the plane was Galloping Katie two . Dad was Ernest  Robert DeVillers . The pilot was J. Paul Getty. If you can set me up in any search areas , it would be greatly appreciated. Dad wrote a mission letter for every mission he flew but destroyed them just a few years ago.  I have two that weren't in his possession along with his graduation book from San Angelo Army Air Field in  San Angelo, Texas . If any of what I have can be of use to you or others interested in this history, please contact me at Frank dd890@aol.com 
 Thanks Jeff 
 Frank DeVillers 


Contact Warren Benjamin Kidder

KFT Publishers,
3617 Christine Dr.
Lansing, MI. 48911

Email: kidderfr@ATT.net Phone 517- 394-2849

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