Focke Wulf FW 190 Collectable Airplane Models and kits.

Focke-Wulf FW 190  The World War 2, Single Engine Plane, German Military Airplane Models.

Plastic & Die Cast Airplane Models.
Fw190 WW2 Fockewulf Fighter Plane
German World War 2 Fockewulf FW190 Model Airplanes.  Military Scale model kits, diecast models and wooden display models of Germanys best World War 2 propeller fighter airplanes. 

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  Fockewulf  FW 190 Collectable Airplane Models

These Collectable German Focke-Wulf FW 190 Plastic Models  show the German World War 2 Air Force at its maximum technology.

This page is filled with Focke-Wulf FW-190 Model Airplanes.  The Focke-Wulf FW-190 comes in plastic models, die cast models, balsa wood models, mahogany models and resin models.  Other Focke Wulf aircraft include the FW 57, FW 61, TA 152, TA 154, TA 183, FW 187, FW 190, FW 200, and the Focke Wulf Condor.  Eventually this site will have pictures and models of all of the Focke Wulf aircraft.

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German Fockewulf Fw190 Models



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Jagdgeschwader 54 Shirt

This premium quality, 50% cotton/50% polyester, cream-colored t-shirt features a screen-printed JG 54 "Green Hearts" crest on the chest and, on the back, profile views of the Fw 190A-6 flown by 258-victory ace Hauptmann Walter Nowotny when he was Gruppenkommandeur of I./JG 54 at Vitebsk, Russia, in November, 1943. Jagdgeschwader 300

This cream-colored, Jagdgeschwader 300 t-shirt features the unit's "Wilde Sau" emblem on the left front and, on the back, a large design with profiles of the Fw 190D flown by 275-victory ace Gnther Rall, who commanded JG 300 in the final months of the war in Europe. 50% cotton/50% polyester.Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Shirt

Made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, this screen-printed, safari green t-shirt features a gorgeous image of an Fw 190 - which, along with the Bf 109, was the backbone of the Luftwaffe's World War II fighter force - flown by JG 5 "Eismeer."

German Eagles Shirt

This screen-printed, gray t-shirt features a German Eagles emblem on the front and, on the back, large profiles of three famous Luftwaffe aircraft of World War II: the Messerschmitt Me 262A-1 Schwalbe, the Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9 and the Messerschmitt Bf 109G-14. 50% cotton/50% polyester.



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Fw 190A-8
Ernst Schroeder, Sturmgruppe 5./JG 300
the Fw 190A-8 flown by 7-victory ace Ernst Schroeder of Sturmgruppe 5./JG 300 in defense of the Reich in November, 1944

Fw 190D-9, one of Germany's best late-war fighters


Fw 190A-8
Rudolf "Rudi" Linz, 12./JG 5 "Eismeer," 1944
Along with the Bf 109, the Fw 190 was the backbone of the Luftwaffe's World War II fighter force. the Fw 190A-8 flown over the Eastern Front by 70-victory ace Rudolf "Rudi" Linz - the commander of 12./JG 5 "Eismeer" - in 1944



Fw 190A-8 ."Blue 13," the Fw 190A-8 flown by JG 300 commander and 100-victory ace Walter Dahl in defense of the Reich in 1944.


Fw 190F-8/R3 "Tank Buster"
One of the two tank-busting Fw 190F-8/R3 attack planes ever built (the two prototypes were built by Dornier in November, 1944, before the project was abandoned).

Fw 190F-8
I./St.G.2, Hungary, 1945
 Fw 190F-8 flown by I./St.G.2 - which converted from Bf 109Es and Ju 87s to the new Fw 190F in June, 1944 - during the 1945 winter campaign in Hungary (where Fw 190Fs were always outnumbered by Soviet ground-attack aircraft and German bases were constantly under attack).

Fw 190D-9
In early 1945, after flying missions against American heavy bombers at high altitude, IV./JG 3 "Udet" pilots were stationed at Germany's Prenzlau airfield, where they flew low-level bombing and strafing attacks against Soviet troops advancing towards Stettin and Berlin.  "Blue 2," an Fw 190D-9 that flew with Stab IV./JG 3 in that spring of 1945.

Fw 190D-9
3./JG 26
The Yellow 16, an Fw 190D-9 flown in defense of the Reich by Obfhr. Klaus Wendler of 3./JG 26.

Fw 190A-8
Oberstleutnant Josef Priller, JG 26 "Schlageter"
 "Black 13," the famous Fw 190A flown by 101-victory ace Oberstleutnant Josef Priller - the longest serving Kommodore of JG 26 "Schlageter" - when he made a single strafing pass (made famous in the book and film The Longest Day) over Sword Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

Fw 190A-8
Uffz. Paul Lixfeldt, 6.(Sturm)/JG 300
Featuring the colorful 6.(Sturm)/JG 300 markings - including a wild boar on the nose - of Uffz. Paul Lixfeldt from November of 1944, when JG 300 flew up-armored Fw 190s to take on invading B-17s.

Fw 190A-8/R2
12.(Sturm)/JG 3, Willi Unger
This 1/72 scale die cast model of the Fw 190A-8 flown by 24-victory ace Oberfeldwebel Willi Unger

Fw 190A-8
Major Kurt Buhligen, II./JG 2, Creil, France, June, 1944
 the Fw 190A-8 flown by 112-victory ace Kurt Buhligen (who was finally stopped when he was captured by the Soviets after an engine malfunction) when he achieved his 100th victory over France on the day after D-Day.

Fw 190A-8
A replica of the Fw 190A-8, which had more power and a longer ranger than earlier variants


Fw 190A-7/R6
3./JGr 10, Parchim, Germany, 1944

   Fw 190A-7 "Doppelreiter"
"White 7," W.Nr.380394, JGr 10
In 1944, a research team at Graf Zeppelin Flugzeugwerke designed an experimental prototype for extended range flying based on the A-7 version of the famous Fw 190.
One-of-a-kind Fw 190A-7 "Doppelreiter," which was fitted with unique, over-wing "slipper" fuel tanks in an attempt to create less drag than a standard centerline drop tank.

Fw 190A-6
Lt. Heinz Gunther Luck, I./JG 1, September, 1943
A replica of the Fw 190A-6 flown by 6-victory ace Leutnant Heinz-Gunther Luck, I./JG 1, during World War II Luck's dog "Lucki;"

Fw 190A-6
"White 2," Generalmajor Adolf Galland, Berlin-Tempelhof 1944
The Fw 190A-6 flown by 104-victory ace Generalleutnant Adolf Galland when he toured German air bases in his role as General der Jagdflieger in the fall of 1943.

Fw 190A-4
Unteroffizier Helmut Brandt, JG 54, Eastern Front, 1943
The 12th release in the Oxford Diecast series of 1/72 scale, die cast warplanes, this model replicates the Fw 190A-4 flown by Unteroffizier Helmut Brandt of the JG 54 "Green Hearts" on January 13, 1943, when he made a forced landing on the ice of Ladoga Lake following a battle against pilots of the Soviet 158th IAP.

Fw 190A
Oberleutnant Otto "Stotto" Stammberger, 4./JG 26, 1943
 "White 1," the Fw 190A flown by 8-victory ace Oberleutnant Otto "Stotto" Stammberger when he was appointed Staffelkapitn of 4./JG 26 in February, 1943.

Fw 190 & Ta 154 Mistel
Introduced in 1943, the "Mistel" composite aircraft was a large "super bomb" - typically a hollowed-out bomber filled with explosives - attached to a fighter via struts. A replica of a Mistel combination that never reached production, a Focke-Wulf Fw 190 fighter and its payload, a converted Focke-Wulf Ta 154 Moskito.`

Focke-Wulf Ta 152C-0
 a pre-production version of the Ta 152 (a high-altitude, late-war, Luftwaffe fighter-interceptor derived from the Fw 190)


Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9 "Dora"
 "Yellow 15," an Fw 190D-9 "Dora" flown with the Luftwaffe's JG 301 in defense of the Reich,  a Junkers Jumo 213 A1 12-cylinder inverted-Vee piston engine


Fw 190A-4
3./JG.5, Leutnant Josef Pepi Jennewein, Orel, 1943
 the Fw 190A-4 flown by 86-victory ace Leutnant Josef "Pepi" Jennewein of 3./JG 5 over the Eastern Front in 1943 a summer camouflage scheme

Fw 190A-4
JG 54
 Fw 190A-4 flown by 58-victory ace Hannes Trautloft - Kommodore and "father" of JG 54, the "Green Hearts" - over the Eastern Front


Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-7
Fw 190A-7 Wrger fighter flown by JG 1 in defense of the Reich late in World War II III./JG 1 markings, including the unit's famous black-and-white engine cowling.


Fw 190A-3
Entering service in 1941, the Fw 190 underwent constant upgrading throughout its life, with this A-3 version incorporating the improved BMW 801Dg engine that produced 1,700 hp and an armament increase from four to six guns.

Fw 190A-6/8
Red 13, Heinz Bar

Luftwaffe fighter  MG 151 and MG 131 cannons and 500 lb. bomb JG 1's 221-victory ace Heinz Br,

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 WW2 Focke-Wulf Fw-190 Aviation Art       

In early 1944, during the defense of the Reich (Reichsverteidigung), the Fw 190s of JG 1 were painted with striped engine cowlings and colorful fuselage bands for quick identification. Depicting an Fw 190 of I./JG 1


Fw 190A-8/R2

12.(Sturm)/JG 3, Willi Unger
the Fw 190A-8 flown by 24-victory ace Oberfeldwebel Willi Unger  Unger's Yellow 17 paint scheme from 12.(Sturm)/JG 3 in 1944

Fw 190A-3  markings of 43-victory ace Oberleutnant Karl Borris, Staffelkapitan of 8./JG 26

Focke-Wulf Fw 190
Modeling Manual
Softbound Book
Cabos & Coughlin. The Focke-Wulf 190 entered Luftwaffe service in 1941 and provided superior service throughout the war as the best of all German fighters and fighter-bombers, and its variants would include Kurt Tank's extreme Ta 152 tank-buster version (4 x 20mm, 1 x 30mm cannon). With detailed step-by-step model photography, specially commissioned walk around photography, scale drawings and wartime shots, this book provides all the details needed to model the most common A8 version as well as the long-nosed Fw 190D and other variants. Lists all of the kits available on the market, details of where you can see the real thing, a select bibliography, and a survey of Web sites of interest. 64 pgs., 143 color photos plus profiles, diagrams, and more. 7"x 9", sfbd.

Kurt Tank
Hard Bound Book

Focke-Wulf’s Designer and Test Pilot Wagner. The life work of one of the great  German aircraft designers. The background design from pencil doodles, the expertise,  testing the designs and their use in combat. A mixture of technical history, colorful  narration and the dramatic account of a design bureau under the stress of war.  Follows Tank to his work after the war. All the classic Focke-Wulf aircraft are profiled  in 200 photos and line art. 272 pgs., 8½"x 11", hdbd. 



    WW2 Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Books   WW2 Fw-190 DVD Movies  
 WW2 Focke-Wulf Fw-190 Aviation Art 


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Fw-190 World War 2 History Study Facts.
Precursors to today's cruise missiles, Mistels were composed of unmanned, obsolete Ju 88 bombers fitted with a huge warhead and a rudimentary guidance system. Coupled to either a Bf 109 or Fw 190, the fighter pilot flew the combination to within a reasonable distance of its target and then jettisoned the bomber

JG 26 Obt. Hans Dortenmann,

Fw 190A-4 flown by 81-victory ace Hubertus von Bonin or by 58-victory ace Hannes Trautloft, who both served as JG 54 commanders

Fw 190 flown by 98-victory ace Hauptmann Paul-Heinrich Daehne of II./JG 1 Oesau during the defense of Germany in 1945

Oberleutenant Adolf Dickfield's North African desert markings. The Luftwaffe later wrote this craft off after Dickfield hit an obstacle and somersaulted during take-off from Kairouan in 1943

8./JG 26 Staffelkapitan Karl Borris, who achieved 43 aerial victories over the Western front of World War II.

212-victory ace Hermann Graf, JG 1, 1943

Uffz. Paul Lixfeld from November of 1944

Fw 190 piloted by 68-victory ace Fritz Losigkeit

86-victory ace Oberst. Anton Mader's Fw 190

The Fw 190D-9 flown by 301-victory ace Gerhard "Gerd" Barkhorn - the second highest scoring ace in history - when he became commanding officer of JG 6 at Posen in January of 1945

The Fw 190A-8 flown over the Eastern Front in 1944 by 129-victory ace Major Walter Dahl

 Franz Goetz, the 63-victory ace who was the last commander of JG 26

 Oblt. Hans Mohr's II/JG1 "Black 0"  famous Green Dragon

JV 44 was a special fighter unit of top Luftwaffe pilots assembled during the final months of World War II.  The long-nose "D" variant of the Fw 190 flown by Karl-Heinz Hofmann of JV 44 in April of 1945

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