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Of the US Navy Ships, the Aircraft Carriers are the Most Important Ships.

Combat Carrier, the story of the Aircraft carrier in Combat with the A-7 Corsair II and other US Navy Ships

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   Book Description 
   Hardcover - 288 pages (May 1998) 
The Combat Aircraft Carrier is designed to take the war to the enemy.  Of the US Navy Ships, the aircraft carrier is one of the most versatile weapons ever made and a strong arm of our military might.  The aircraft carrier task force many times consist of 20 or more ships in the Carrier Battle Group.  This group surrounds the aircraft carrier with a first line of defense using anti aircraft missile defense systems, anti submarine ships, and tanker/cargo ships.  The aircraft carrier also sends out an array of aircraft to supplement the battle groups ability.  These aircraft include the S-3 Viking anti submarine aircraft, H-3 helicopters which dip sonar buoys in the water for anti submarine warfare, E-2 Hawkeye's with long range radar and battle control personnel, and a variety of jet fighters to keep a cover over the entire battle group.  The one ship that you don't want to mess with is an aircraft carrier.  It is protected from above, below and on the surface.

 From the webmaster.  I worked on the A-7's while stationed at NAS Lemoore in Lemoore California.  This was the largest attack base on the west coast.  I was attached to VA-125 the Rough Raiders which flew the A-7A & B then Transferred to VA-192 the World Famous Golden Dragons aboard the USS Kitty Hawk.  They made a movie about VA-192 starring William Holden and Mickey Roonie called "The Bridges at Tokyo Ri"  It's interesting to see the difference between the A and E models of this plane.  The airframe is the same but nothing else is even closely the same.  The E model had a different engine and different Avionics with everything in a different place.  As of the late 70's, every bombing derby in which an A-7 entered into competition, the A-7 took first place.  This was regardless of the high tech components on the other airplanes.  (The A-7 Corsair II was a very low tech, seat of the pants bird)  While we were on a West Pacific Cruise aboard the USS Kitty Hawk we beat the squadrons from the USS Midway in bombing competition.  This was previously unheard of because the Midway was stationed in Japan and was always on the top of the training, where the Kitty Hawk spent most of it's time in San Diego and only had a year of fleet training at the most for any given crew.  I believe that this accomplishment was because of the efforts of one man, AQ-2 Dale Shepherd.  Dale was a perfectionist.  The major problem with being on a ship for extended periods was boredom.  The equipment that you worked on rarely broke, you didn't have anything to do but sit.  Dale worked on the APQ-116 Fire Control Radar System.  To prevent boredom, Dale spoke to the Commanding officer of VA-192, Commander Joseph Cole, and requested that he take one airplane out of service at a time and groom the entire weapons delivery system aligning the gun sights and the radar's fire control system to get the most accurate lock-ons.  I don't believe Dale received any awards for this, but he should have.  Placing this note on this page is my way for saying Thanks to Dale.  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster.


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A-7 Corsair II Specifications
Veterans Read This


Manufacturer LTV Vought
Length 46'
Height 16'
Span 38'9"
Area 375 sq. ft.
Empty Weight 19,490 lbs.
Max. Weight 42,000 lbs.
Engines 1
Powerplant Allison TF41-A-2
Thrust 15000 lbs. 
Range  2280
Max. Speed 602 kts



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