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Hanford Union High School in Hanford California

  History of Pictures of the Hanford Union High School, California 

   History Pictures of the Hanford Union High School, in Hanford California being destroyed in April 1975 

  Historia Fotos de la Unin Hanford High School, en California Hanford siendo destruidas en abril de 1975 

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Here's the front of the Hanford High School in Handford California, 1975

  In 1975 the Hanford Union 

Hanford Union Highschool 1975

   As they tore down the High School, they found out that it was better built 
  than they originally thought. 

Tall Pillars in front of the Hanford Union High School

  These big pillars were the big problem in destroying the High School. 
   The cranes that they bought in weren't strong enough to bring the pillars down. 
  They had to bring in a huge ball and crane to get these pillars torn down. 
  This was an absolutely beautiful school, but the school didn't meet earthquake 
  requirements stipulated in the new laws, so the school had to be destroyed 
  and a new high school had to be put it in it's place 

A Toad Pilot

   This is the Henry Morse Stephens entrance to the Hanford California School. 






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Incredible Bi-Plane Adventures




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