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  My little Bird, a Sparrow called Aviator 

  This is the story of my little bird, it was a Sparrow called Aviator that I raised from a baby.

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  Jeff's Story Timeline

Twenty years ago, when I lived in Kentucky, I was visiting my mom and dad.  My dad was putting a new section onto my mom's room.   When he opened the wall there were little birds in a nest with no feathers on them, they were sparrows.  He grabbed one and stepped on it.  I started screaming and grabbed the other little bird.  Everyone said that the bird would die and suffer and it was better that I killed it.  But I drove to Kentucky, about a twelve hour trip.  Every two hours the bird would start crying for food, so I would pull over and feed him bread dipped in milk. 
I kept the bird in a box in my living room and fed him every several hours.  I kept him covered up to keep warm at night and the routine went on day after day.  Finally the little bird started to grow feathers.  One day he flew to the edge of the box and the expression on his face was very interesting.  I could see exactly what he was thinking. He was thinking, "How did I get up here".  He really didn't know that he could fly. 
He started to grow up and could fly to the curtains or other places in the house, but he still didn't have the ability to fly very far.  He would come and sit next to my head as I was laying down watching TV and he wanted to be rubbed.  I would rub him for about a half hour straight, every day, while he squawked very loudly, continuously.  It was super interesting to watch this little bird grow up. 
I ended up calling him Aviator and the name stuck.  Sometimes I would let him sit on the railing on the front porch.  All of the other sparrows would come out of the trees and talk to him for hours at a time, but he never flew away.  Finally, I started him on flight lessons.  I would take him into the yard and throw him into the air.  He could fly, but would lose altitude until he landed on the ground.  It took almost a week of this before he was able to fly like a regular bird.  So he would fly around all day long and play with his friends that he met on the porch. 
One day I was at my neighbors house, which was about two hundred feet down the hill, and since it was about time to eat, Aviator came out of the woods and landed on my shoulder.  I was talking to Homer, who was about ninety years old, and he was totally surprised to see the bird man of Kentucky standing right in front of him.  Aviator was an instant success and Homer and his wife Silva loved the little bird and would feed him too.
One day I was in Paducah and Aviator was outside playing.  Feeding time came along and I wasn't there.  When I got home, he would come and sit on the rail, but would never let me pick him up or ever come into the house.  He was a wild bird from then on.  He was around for the whole two years that I lived on Kentucky Lake and we could recognize him because he would walk with the tips of his wings dragging the ground.  Also, when I would walk into the yard, all of the birds would fly away, but Aviator would just sit in the bush and let me talk to him.  I had to move from Kentucky and that was the last time that I saw the little bird.  He was my buddy. 

So that's the story of my bird, Aviator.




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