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  Here's some good motorcycle stories for you, if you think that you're experienced, read these motorcycle stories and think again.

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1973 A Great Story on How I Bought My First 750 Honda. 
In the Beginning There was the Road, and I was on a CB750 Honda.
1975 Mineral King
My boss told me that I needed to slow down or I would kill myself.  So he gave me a day off and instructions to drive up to Mineral King and enjoy the view.  I followed his instructions, but read this motorcycle story to hear what happened.
1975 The Toad
One day I bought a Kawasaki 350 Big Horn that was pretty fast but handled like a toad.  This is the funny story about the Toad
1989 My 1972 750 Honda, a very unusual story.
1992 My 1976 RD400 Motorcycle Project. 
There are some interesting facts that every motorcycle rider should know here.
2000 The Harley Davidson Full Dresser vs the Kawasaki ZN-700What is the difference between the Vibrating Monster Harley Davidson and the Super Smooth Kawasaki ZN-700
2005 The Blaire Project,
Painting and working on a Honda CX500 Motorcycle.

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Moto Stories Index, le moto migliori racconti che leggerete mai

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