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  Jeff's CB750 Honda K2  Story 

  Jeff's CB750 Honda K4 Story  

  Jeff's CB750 Mineral King California Strange Story 



     New Shocks for your CB750 Honda will make your motorcycle ride fantastic.  I know this for a fact, when I put the new shocks on mine, and I own six 750s right now, it make a fantastic difference, much more of a difference than I ever believed.  C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.


Maintenance needs to be performed regularly to keep your bike operating safely and in top condition. Interpreting the service manual can be overwhelming if you're new to wrenching. Taking the bike to a shop is a hassle; it's costly and probably unnecessary. The cost of the parts and supplies is relatively inexpensive compared to the shop labor. Wouldn't it be nice if you could do it yourself with confidence just like the pro's do? This DVD covers maintenance procedures that you should do several times a year. You would pay a shop around 150 in labor each time they serviced your bike. We'll show you how to maintain it yourself for a fraction of one service charge.




  Watch this Video about this 1972 CB750 K2 Honda. 


  750 Honda Cafe Racers 
  Good Pictures Great Music 


   CB 750 Cafe Kerker 4-1 (no baffle)   


The Honda  CB750 is one of the most famous of the Honda Motorcycle Line ever made.  There are many Honda CB750s still on the road and I have six 750s sitting in my garage.  Right now I am driving my 1972 Honda CB750 that has about 110,000 miles on it.  It runs great.  I just went to ebay and bought a brand new 750 seat and also a set of headers, both of which made a big difference in the bikes performance and feel.  I added a set of superbike bars, S&W Shocks, a 836cc Big Bore Kit and a Dyna Electronic Ignition and this bike really runs nice and crisp.  My low end jetting is a bit lean and I need to do some more jetting.  When I rebuilt the bike, I ported the heads and mirror finished the combustion chambers and piston crowns so you can see the difference in jetting needed over stock.   


  Rickman Honda 750 




Road Hogs (2003)

Take a ride along the west coast with some of the tightest hogs of the west. Road hogs features the hottest motorcycles in the country. Custom paint jobs, Awesome stunts and some of the best-known bike clubs around. Don't have a hog of your own? You'll want to get yours after a glimpse of the intense power and freedom of being a rider has to offer. Of course, no bike movie would be complete without a special feature of the hottest ladies of the hog world. If you don't know by now you will realize one thing after viewing this movie the "hog" is truly man's best friend!!!!

   Greatest Ever Motorcycles: # 3 - Honda CB 750 (K0)  




YouTube Video

A very enjoyable Honda CB-750 Video
Good Music as the motorcycle cruises along edge of the city roads and the coast highway.
This CB750 Honda is a super nice video home movie.  It is very relaxing, I watched it over and over
just remembering the old 750 Honda days and feeling the power of a beautiful CB-750 Honda Motorcycle.. 



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YouTube Video

   This is just a SHOC Honda CB750 accelerating from a dead stop.  It is very good though.  

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   The Best Honda 750 Videos and Movies on the Web, CB750, CB-750 Sand Cast SOHC K0, K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, K6  














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