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  A Sailboat Race in Subic Bay, the Philippines 

  A short story of a Sailboat Race in Subic Bay in the Philippines and a strange fish

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When I lived in the Philippines, my sailboat instructor and I were in a sailboat race.  We were in first place and two of the officers from my squadron were right behind us.  My instructor knew that we could cut between the shore and a pile or rocks just off of shore cutting off a minute or so.  As we went through the pass in the rocks, fish, which were about four feet long with a spear sticking out of their noses jumped into the air and swam with only their tails in the water.  They were jumping out in front of our boat and also jumping out in front of the boat behind us.  One of the fish that was scared up from the officers boat landed right in our boat and my instructor said, "Now we have some food to feed our family." 
When I looked at the fish, it had a little tiny mouth that was above the spear.  After I asked my instructor about this unusual arrangement, he said it was because the fish used the spear to dig in the sand and find little animals to eat.  This was really a small shovel that could bring the fish to the surface of the sand bottom where they could eat them.

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