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Hybrid Electric Motor & Engine Aircraft

A Computer Drawing of a typical tethered airfoil design
Flying With Solar Electric Motor & Farm Fuels, a Safety Device for Your Airplane
Gary Thomas

Hybrid Electric Motor and Engine Aircraft are the wave for the future development in aviation 

This article, by Gary Thomas Describes a new safety innovation for your airplane and future aircraft.  These can be used by the microlight aircraft as well as larger, more powerful, general aviation aircraft.  I have spoken to Gary and he was the crewchief on several large military transport aircraft.  His ideas have a broad reach in aviation for both military and civilian aircraft.  Gary was very knowledgeable about the different type of electric motors and battery systems that can drive these motors.  This is a very good article and would make a very good investment opportunity.    C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster

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Hybrid Electric Motor & Engine Aircraft

author: Gary Thomas, Phone: 1 (808) 298-3392


The Electric Motor & Engine Aircraft ( hybrid plane ) is an exciting new invention that's affordable, practical & has plenty of unrealized potential.

There is ( at this time ) only one electric motor powered aircraft anywhere on Earth that's being produced in a factory. Here is the new AE1 Silent:


My idea is: electric motor(s) & engine(s) onboard the same plane, with furling propellers and separate retraction mechanisms. Retrofit & installation is a little difficult, though not impossible. This brand new category of aircraft ( the hybrid electric ) is surprisingly affordable & has plenty of range. It goes the distance & ducks out of sight & out of mind when required.

HYBRID ELECTRIC DESIGN & BUILD TEAM NOW FORMING: Do you know any good A & P mechanics or Weight & Balance Technicians? All parts I'll help specify are from reputable manufacturers. The s are very reasonable. Help me build & flight test just one prototype. Then we visit the EAA air show in Oshkosh. This should create excitement that'll result in factory production somewhere down the road.

Help with business management, grant writing & especially funding is wanted. How can you help?


If your engine ever breaks down without warning, you now have 90 minutes of life saving electric motor & battery power. With new Electric Motor & Engine Powered Planes, the pilot simply diverts to the nearest municipal airport, rural LZ landing zone or other safe location. Just one more happy landing, no deaths & no serious injuries, in spite of the engine failure. Pretty cool, huh? As an added bonus, CHINA, of all places, is now making ultra-lightweight lithium ion batteries. Lithium, the best batteries on Earth, just got far more affordable!

Stealth Civilian International Freedom of Travel is now quite easy.....even across silly nationalist borders. You can go below radar, with no visible IR infra-red heat and almost no or absolutely no audible sound. Once again for emphasis: You ain't on radar. You don't pop a 'hot' on IR-heat binoculars. You can't be easily heard. Wow! The new United Nations Peace Corps would have a field day with this one for sure! Initially, governments may argue against International Freedom of Travel. So, this newfound freedom will be covert = hidden at first, and then eventually overt = open.

New International Civilian Stealth means that the noisy & infra-red hot engine is OFF and electric motor is ON when activists or ordinary folks are passing over sensitive locations, like guarded national borders, prisons, and so on. 

Go here:

Air Energy Electric Motors on Gliders

AC Propulsion Electric Vehicles  

The ' AE1 Silent ' microlight glider from Air Energy, GmbH uses a 13,000 watt, ~17 horsepower electric motor & lithium ion batteries. The propeller furls & the motor actually retracts into the top of the fuselage, between the wings. When the AE1 lands, the wings can be quickly unbolted & removed. The entire plane is then put on a car trailer, under a tarp or in a building for security reasons.

Civilian electric motor & engine powered aircraft can travel between 250 and 1,200 miles unrefueled. Aviation fuel for the engine can be alcohol ( ethanol ) or vegetable oil diesel (biodiesel ). Plenty of fuel can be saved if batteries are charged with solar, wind, or Made in Hanoi, Vietnam & Victoria BC Canada micro-hydro juice, www.powerpal.com




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