The Story of how got its name

How Did Get Its Name?

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How did get its name.

I spent a lot of time on finding an airplane name for the website.  I tried every aviation name I could think of but every time I tried the name on the web, the name was taken.  I spent many hours writing down list of names that I could use but I still couldn't find the name that would work.  Then one day I was painting the cabinets in my garage.  I painted everything a bright red to match my tool boxes but after I was done painting, the original colors below the paint shown through and gave me a large variety of shades of red.  This looked absolutely terrible so I decided to paint the cabinets all white and then cover the white with red so I would have an even base.  So that's exactly what I did.  As I was getting close to completion of the white coat I noticed that the inside of he garage was so bright that it looked like someone turned the lights on, but the lights were already on.  It was the white paint that gave everything a reflective coat making everything so bright.  There was one thing however, I didn't like the white color in the garage, it just didn't look right and didn't match anything.  So after a short while of thinking on the matter, I decided to paint everything yellow.  The yellow would still give a highly reflective surface and add some color in the process.  So, again, I started painting away.  All the time that I was painting I was thinking about the original problem, what to name my website.   As I was painting I was also listening to the radio and the station was playing some oldies, one of which was the old Beatles song, "Yellow Submarine."  I remember singing away with the song when it all hit me.  Let's see, I thought.  Yellow Submarine, yellow belly, Yellow Airplane.  Ah, Ha!   That's it, I thought.  And that's exactly where the name came from.  Since then Yellow Truck was taken by Ryder and some Japanese guy bought all the Yellow everything else names.   So that's the whole story.


Please note that the background picture on this page was taken
while we were flying over Northern Siberia
on the North Pole Expedition of 2002 Aviation banner exchange - Join now!

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