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Rails West - DVD

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Fallen Flags Great Model Railroads Remembered - DVD
Fallen Flags Vol 1 & 2 Set - DVD
Fallen Flags Volume 1 & 2 Set
Fallen Flags Volume 1.
Thrill to fast-paced footage - captured in the 1980s - of diesel locomotives and trains from a variety of fallen flags, including Santa Fe; Burlington Northern; Denver & Rio Grande Western; Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac; Southern; Norfolk & Western; Boston & Maine; Seaboard System; Southern Pacific; and Seattle & North Coast. You'll view the Rio Grande Zephyr in action on the Joint Line south of Denver, spend a day at Seaboard's Collier Yard, and more… 99 trains in all! 2 hours.
Fallen Flags Volume 2.
Thrill to fast-paced footage - captured in the 1980s - of diesel locomotives and trains from a variety of fallen flags, including Santa Fe; Burlington Northern; Denver & Rio Grande Western; Southern Pacific; Boston & Maine; Southern; Delaware & Hudson; Missouri-Kansas-Texas; and others. You'll view an MLW-powered British Columbia Rail train; spend a day at Cajon Pass and another at East Deerfield, Massachusetts; and more… 80 trains in all! 2 hours.

Fast Freight on BNSF's Trans-Con - DVD
Heritage Collection - DVD
Volume 1: American Railroads of the 1940 and '50s.
You're sure to enjoy this fascinating one-disc retrospective featuring five classic films produced by the Association of American Railroads in the 1940s and '50s. It includes On the Track, which showcases SP Cab Forwards, steam-powered Daylights and Black Widow diesels, and the railroad's significant role in making America a powerful nation; Lifeline of the Nation, a look at how railroads supported the World War II effort, featuring steam motives and a few early diesels such as Hiawathas, Box Cabs, a GG1, a rare streamlined Hudson and more; 225,000 Mile Proving Ground, which takes its title from the 225,000 miles of track in service in 1953 when diesel power was replacing steam, featuring F-Units, a Union Pacific gas turbine and Santa Fe billboard refrigerator cars; Railroads and National Defense, a Korean War-era look at how railroads helped rearm the nation while still meeting America's transportation needs; and Mainline USA, which features run-bys on the NYC, GN, D&RGW, Western Maryland and many others, plus a look at how railroads met the challenge of economic growth by building hump yards, introducing welded rail and CTC, and designing safer trains. Color and B&W, 1 hr. 35 min.

Historic Hotspots Combo - DVD
Hot Rails Through the Twin Cities - DVD
Hot Spots 19: Galesburg, Illinois
Hot Spots: Rosenberg, Texas DVD-R
Illinois Hot Spots Part 1 - DVD This program features action-packed footage captured at some of America's favorite train watching areas in Illinois. You'll view the operations at Galesburg, Tuscola, Effingham, Benton, East Dubuque, Centralia and East Clinton, seeing the trains of Union Pacific, Santa Fe, Burlington Northern, Conrail, Norfolk Southern and Chicago & North Western. Color, Dolby Digital 2.0, 1 hour.
Mid-America at Mid-Century - DVD-R
More of the Chiefs of the Santa Fe  - DVD
Newport - DVD
Otto Perry's Santa Fe - DVD-R
Passenger Train Trilogy - DVD-R
Railroads in Wartime Volume 1-3 - DVD Railroads in Wartime Volume 1-3 - DVD.
This three-volume series features an entertaining variety of classic films produced during World War II and the Korean War to showcase the importance of American Railroads. Color and B&W, 1 hr. 30 min.
Volume I
Includes the rare U.S. Government film Troop Train, featuring armored vehicles, tanks, motorcycles, and Army personnel being loaded onto a special train. Lifeline of the Nation highlights the moving of war materiel from coast to coast and shows Liberty Ships under construction.
Volume II
Railroads and National Defense, produced during the Korean War, is a full color film highlighting the building and moving of war material from coast to coast by rail. A fascinating featurette describing the making of the war movie The Train and two very rare Lionel train TV commercials are also included.
Volume III
Loaded for War, a color film produced by the Santa Fe railroad during WWII. The rebuilding of 2-8-2 3723 from a rusting "old slobberbucket" into a practically new locomotive is a highlight of this exciting program. A featurette on the making of the famous war movie Von Ryan's Express (also available - RV8618 or RV8619) concludes this fine program.

Rails Along the Rockies - DVD Rails Along the Rockies - DVD.
Enjoy high power freight action along Colorado's busy Joint Line where Rio Grande, Santa Fe and Burlington Northern rub shoulders. You'll see trains out of Denver "cut" their helpers at Palmer Lake and roar south toward Pueblo, and thrill to a myriad of motive power including C30-7s, GP39-2s, GP30s, SD45s and modern SD60s. Four seasons of coverage and plenty of fast-paced footage offer a wonderful look at one of America's busiest mainlines. Color, 60 min.
Rails Chicago in the '80s, Volume 1 - DVD
Rails Chicago in the '80s, Volume 1 - DVD.
This visit to the hub of U.S. rail action in the 1980s showcases the action on 15 railroads in Chicago, including Indiana Harbor Belt, Santa Fe, Conrail, Grand Trunk, Illinois Central, Chicago & North Western, Norfolk Southern, Burlington Northern, Chessie System, Amtrak, South Shore, Union Pacific, Milwaukee Road, Metra and Soo Line. Color, Dolby Digital 2.0, 55 minutes.
Rails West - DVD Rails West - DVD.
Get a colorful look at the diesels that served the northwestern and southwestern railroads of America between 1965 and 1971. You'll see a diversity of first and second generation EMD, Alco and GE power on a dozen different roads including Union Pacific, Western Pacific, Great Northern, Santa Fe, Rio Grande, Frisco and Amtrak. Highlights include massive UP gas turbines and a cornucopia of colorful railroad liveries as distinctive as the roads themselves. Color, 50 min.
Raton Pass - DVD
Raton Pass - DVD.
King Coal, The Chief and the "BALJ"
Santa Fe's line across the summit of Raton Pass - with a 3.5% grade - in northern New Mexico generates one of the greatest shows in modern railroading. You'll view coal trains lugged across the grade by three diesel locomotives in front and three in back; Amtrak's Southwest Chief; freight action, including the manifest H-BALJ; and more. You even get to climb aboard for an eventful ride in the cab of an AMD-103 from Trinidad, Colorado, to Raton! Color, 1 hr. 30 min.

Rock Island Remnants - DVD-R Rock Island Remnants - DVD-R.
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific's 1980 abandonment, the largest in railroad history, resulted in routes being taken over by competing railroads and others reborn as short lines. Here, you'll view the survivors' trains and locomotives on the "mighty fine line," including those of Denver & Rio Grande Western, Denver-Rock Island, Iowa Interstate, Kyle, Little Rock & Western, Santa Fe and Union Pacific, from an early EMD switcher to the gigantic Centennial, Alcos, U-boats and a rotary snow-clearing operation. Color, 1 hour.
Rocky Mountain Mainlines of the Rio Grande - DVD Rocky Mountain Mainlines of the Rio Grande - DVD.
The Rio Grande and the Santa Fe owned parallel lines between Denver and Pueblo, but during World War I, the Railway Administration made the two lines effectively double iron - and gave trackage rights to the Colorado & Southern, a subsidiary of the CB&Q, as well. This film shows the resulting variety of action on the scenic line, including Rio Grande first and second generation diesels, Santa Fe cab units, CB&Q, Union Pacific and even Burlington Northern in its infancy. Color, sound with narration, 47 minutes.
Santa Fe - DVD Santa Fe - DVD.
In this 1951 western starring Randolph Scott, four brothers who fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War head west to start anew. While one brother (Scott) uses an alias to get a job helping ex-Union soldiers build the Santa Fe railroad, which is battling the Rio Grande to reach a mountain pass and maintain its land grant, the other three try to stop the railroad's completion. Will Scott bring his wayward brothers to justice and survive the climactic gun dual with their boss atop a moving train? Color, 1 hr. 27 min.
Prairie Rails - DVD-R
Railfan Adventures on the Santa Fe Carlsbad - DVD-R
Santa Fe 3751 - CD
Santa Fe 3751 - CD.
The Glory of Steam
Experience the deep mournful whistle, the clanging bell, the steady accelerating bark of the exhaust, and the giant connecting rods clanking on the 80-inch drivers as Santa Fe's 4-8-4 Northern #3751 rockets by in a blur of spinning metal and hissing steam. This soundtrack contains 26 tracks recorded over a ten-year span in a variety of situations including running on steep grades, high-speed run-bys, pacing alongside and a special "engine-ear's" perspective from inside the cab! 1 hr. 12 min.

Santa Fe Cajon Subdivision - DVD
Santa Fe Cajon Subdivision - DVD.
This is an in-depth look at Santa Fe's Cajon Subdivision from San Bernardino to Barstow's West R-Yard before the mega-merger with Burlington Northern. Gutsy SD75Ms and C44-9Ws abound as you visit 31 different locations along the line and enjoy 42 trains which include a triple meet at Summit and a breathtaking cab ride through the scenic Lucerne Valley. Insightful commentary and crisp images capture the best of the AT&SF in this important region. Color, 2 hours.
Santa Fe Combo - DVD
Santa Fe Combo - DVD.
This video includes two programs filmed the day before the Santa Fe-Burlington Northern merger. Across the Heartland takes you across the Chillicothe Subdivision between Chicago and Ft. Madison, Iowa where you'll see flashy Warbonnet diesels race past urban centers, prairies, cropland and the Mississippi River. Countdown to Merger is a trip along the Marceline Subdivision between Ft. Madison, Iowa and Kansas City where you'll chase Santa Fe trains under a canopy of sunshine and rain, through isolated backwoods hills and river valleys, and on long bridges as the end of an era draws to a close. Color, 2 hrs. 49 min.
Santa Fe into L.A. - DVD
Santa Fe into L.A. - DVD.
Santa Fe's Warbonnet livery never looked finer than it does in this trip back to the early 1990s for a pre-merger view of this rail icon in and around the Los Angeles area. The road's Super Fleet of high-horsepower diesels - a dozen different models in all - takes center stage, leading a colorful mix of freights at locations such as the San Bernardino Subdivision, Hobart Yard, and Santa Ana Canyon. Along the way, Union Pacific, Amtrak and Metrolink trains make cameo visits. Color, 2 hours.
Santa Fe Mainline Memories - DVD
Santa Fe Mainline Memories - DVD.

Enjoy the Santa Fe just prior to the 1995 merger with BN on this cross country tour from Chicago to Los Angeles. See AT&SF's diesel fleet in action - including SD75s, C44-9Ws, GP30s, SD40-2s and cabless B-units - as you pass through Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Highlights include visits to Joliet Union Station, Curtis Hill, and Crozier Canyon along with cab ride footage and a plethora of unique bridges and depots. Color, 105 min.

Santa Fe Odyssey 3-Volume Set - DVD
Santa Fe Odyssey 3-Volume Set - DVD.




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