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The Super Chief - DVD

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Santa Fe Railroad DVDs.

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Santa Fe Odyssey Volume I - DVD-R
Santa Fe Pictorial - DVD
Santa Fe Pictorial - DVD.
Enjoy thrilling action on the Santa Fe - prior to the 1995 BNSF merger - at a variety of locations such as Cajon Pass, Tehachapi Loop, the transcontinental main line in Arizona and New Mexico, and the remote Canyon Diablo bridge. You'll view GM and GE wide-cab units in their first tour of duty, a variety of paint schemes, a 10-unit freight descending the loop at Caliente, F45s, cabooses, and much more. Color, 1 hr. 20 min.
Santa Fe Swan Song - DVD-R
Santa Fe Swan Song - DVD-R.
Travel Santa Fe "all the way" during its last decade of service before the mega-merger with rival Burlington Northern. You'll enjoy unique views of this fallen flag along busy main lines and branch lines - even unusual street running! - at locations such as Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo, Garden City, La Junta, Lamy, Santa Fe, and Long Beach. A delightful mix of modern and "senior" motive power - from GEs and EMDs to CF7s - shares the rails on everything from short locals to massive, high-tonnage unit trains. Color, 1 hr. 16 min.
Santa Fe Vintage West - DVD-R
Santa Fe Vintage West - DVD-R.
This parade of power features Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway action throughout southern California - including visits to Cajon, Tehachapi and the Needles Subdivision - prior to Santa Fe's 1996 merger with the Burlington Northern Railroad. You'll see a variety of liveries, locomotive power, and passenger and freight service, hearing all the railroad's natural sounds along the way. Color, 1 hr. 34 min.
Santa Fe Warbonnets Through Raton Pass - DVD
Santa Fe Warbonnets Through Raton Pass - DVD.
This exciting video showcases the trains and motive power used in Raton Pass, one of America's premier railfan hotspots. You'll enjoy a thorough look at Santa Fe's "super fleet" - including Dash 8s, Dash 9s, GP60Ms, F45s - and learn how freight trains are broken apart and rebuilt to tackle the 3?% grades of The Pass. You'll also see a plethora of Southwestern depots, the Glorietta Roundhouse, "helper operations," "Kodachrome SD-units" and more. Color. 60 min.
Santa Fe's Arizona Mainline - DVD-R
Santa Fe's Arizona Mainline - DVD-R.
Stretching across the mountains and deserts of Arizona, the Santa Fe mainline is a double-tracked ribbon of high-density railroading at its finest. Here, in Kingman Canyon, at Canyon Diablo Bridge, and at so many more scenic Western locales, you'll see EMD F45s in SF's classic blue and yellow scheme, brand new General Electric Dash 8-40BW units purchased as part of SF's Super Fleet program, and even the Southwest Chief, Amtrak's successor to one of Santa Fe's great luxury passenger trains. Color with stereo sound and narration, 1 hr. 20 min.
Santa Fe's New Mexico Main - DVD
Santa Fe's New Mexico Main - DVD.
This video features nonstop Santa Fe action in New Mexico from the busy western terminal of Belen, up through Mountainair and back down across the high deserts at Clovis. Along the way you'll cross Abo Canyon high above the desert floor, watch high-speed SuperFleet trains race through Dalies Junction and get a last look at diesel classics such as SDF45s and GP30s before they are removed from Santa Fe's main line service. Color, 60 min.
Santa Fe's New Mexico Mainline Combo - DVD
Santa Fe's New Mexico Mainline Combo - DVD.
Enjoy two action-packed Santa Fe trips, each captured along one of the road's picturesque New Mexico subdivisions. Volume I takes you on the Clovis Subdivision where hot intermodals and drag freights needle through the confines of Abo Canyon, across seven spectacular bridges and past rugged outcroppings. In Volume II, you'll travel along the Gallup Subdivision where heavy westbound trains climb the steep grade out of Belen before fighting extreme weather conditions and the taxing topography of the region. Color, 3 hours.
Santa Fe's Raton Route - DVD
Santa Fe's Raton Route - DVD.
This video features modern Santa Fe power against a panorama of the Old West. You'll visit Raton Pass, the Las Vegas Sub and Glorieta Pass where F45s in the silver and red warbonnet scheme and strings of "Kodachrome" SD units strut their stuff. Amtrak's Southwest Limited - the successor to the famous Super Chief - also pays a visit along with long, dusty coal drags and special Santa Fe fast freights with hi-tech motive power. Color, 110 minutes.
Santa Fe's Seligman Sub - DVD
Santa Fe's Seligman Sub - DVD.
The Seligman Sub offers rail fans a colorful and exciting look at Santa Fe fast freight operations. This video takes you from Needles, California to Winslow, Arizona, a railroad playground where high-horsepower diesels such as C30-7s, SD45s GP60s and B39-8s pay a regular visit. Highlights include heavy freight action on the massive steel arch bridge over Diablo Canyon, Supai Summit, the busy Peavine Line and Kingman Canyon. Color, 60 minutes.
Southern Pacific Scrapbook - DVD
Southern Pacific Scrapbook - DVD.
This video showcases Southern Pacific freight action in the last decade before the merger with Union Pacific. You'll see the busy main lines and branch lines at the Lordsburg District, Donner Pass, Lompoc and Santa Cruz, where sugar beet and "oil can" trains polish the rails. Highlights include high-speed SDP45 pacing shots, cab ride footage, and a visit to Stockton Junction where first and early second generation Southern Pacific, Union Pacific and Santa Fe diesels pound the diamonds. Color and B&W, 1 hr. 30 min.
Steam & Diesel in Wisconsin and Illinois Volume One - DVD-R
Steam & Diesel in Wisconsin and Illinois Volume Two - DVD-R
Street Running in HO Scale on The City Edge Layout - DVD
Street Running in HO Scale on The City Edge Layout - DVD.
Visit Victor Smith's stunning "The City Edge" HO scale urban layout to view 12 incredible train scenes (including dual elevated main lines), hear authentic train sounds, and enjoy rail running from a unique mini-cam perspective!
You'll see the trains of Norfolk Southern, Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis, Missouri Pacific and Santa Fe; night running; a Frisco and Missouri-Kansas-Texas parade; Gulf Mobile & Ohio operations; the Missouri Pacific bridge over the Missouri River; a flyover; and more. Includes a DCC tutorial and a layout wiring schematic. Widescreen, Dolby Digital 5.1, 45 minutes.

Super Chief - DVD-R
Super Chief - DVD-R.
Speed ? Style ? Service.
Hosted by TV celebrity and railroad aficionado Michael Gross, this Telly Award-winning video is the complete story of America's premier western passenger train. You'll enjoy interviews with former Santa Fe president John Reed, Super Chief passengers, and Santa Fe employees who rode the train during its zenith. Includes footage of the Super Chief's motive power, all-Pullman consist, 4-star cuisine, famous passengers and more - much of it previously unreleased. Color, 58 minutes.

Tehachapi Loop Combo - DVD-R Tehachapi Loop Combo - DVD-R.
This DVD contains two programs - Tehachapi I: The Santa Fe and Tehachapi II: The Southern Pacific - that present thrilling footage of trains roaring through the scenic canyon and over the engineering marvel of Tehachapi Loop in the mid-1980s. You'll view the flashy red-and-yellow paint scheme that was used during the failed merger, SP Daylight #4449 at the point of a passenger special, a tank train, and more. Color, 1 hr. 46 min.
The Burlington Northern Santa Fe in the Arizona Forest - DVD
The Burlington Northern Santa Fe in the Arizona Forest - DVD.
This program takes you to the Coconino and Kaibab National Forests in Arizona to view BNSF diesel-powered trains at stunning locations such as Eagle Nest Mountain, Junction, Supai Summit, Flagstaff, West Double A Crossovers, Bootleggers Crossing, Sherwood Crossing, Riordan Summit, and Cosnino. Includes sound and on-screen graphics. Color, 2 hours.
The Official Guide of the Railways - DVD-R
The Official Guide of the Railways - DVD-R.
Through the Guide.
This video takes you back to the 1950s and '60s to savor the color and individuality of the U.S. passenger trains of 40 lines, the precursors of today's Amtrak. You'll see the entire consists of most of these trains, each from a cast that includes Southern Pacific's Daylight, Pennsylvania's Broadway Limited, Chesapeake & Ohio's Sportsman, Chicago & North Western's 400, Kansas City Southern's Southern Belle, Santa Fe's Super Chief, Frisco's Meteor and dozens more. An excellent reference to a bygone era. Color and B&W, 1 hr. 30 min.

The Santa Fe/Challenge for Tomorrow Combo - DVD-R
The Santa Fe/Challenge for Tomorrow Combo - DVD-R.
Class Railroad Series.

A 1950s Look at the Santa Fe.
You get The Santa Fe Super Chief, a 1948 film introduction to the beautiful train in which you'll experience out-of-this-world accommodations, dome cars and interiors of this incredible train. You also get several minutes of Super Chief run-by action and Play It Safe, a film on dangerous safety practices that includes great ATSF train footage. All together, it's some of the best Santa Fe color film you'll ever see. Color, 30 min.
Challenge for Tomorrow.
See the Santa Fe in transition as diesels replace steam in the 1950s. Footage includes the last active steamers heading into the roundhouse for the last time as F-units, E-Units and Alco PAs usher in a new age. Also included is footage of Santa Fe's San Francisco bay rail ferry system. Color, 30 minutes.

The Stormy - DVD
The Stormy - DVD.
Southern Pacific's Lordsburg District. This program takes you back to the pre-merger days of 1995 to view a nonstop parade of trains across one of the most scenic stretches on Southern Pacific's Sunset Route: the Lordsburg District between Tucson, Arizona, and Lordsburg, New Mexico.
You'll view hot trains and drag freights working hard across four mountain passes; a variety of motive power, including SD40s, SD45T-2s, SD45s, B30-7s and an SD45R in Kodachrome paint; D&RGW SD40T-2s, CSX SD60s and Cotton Belt GP60s and B40s; Amtrak's Sunset Limited; trains from Santa Fe, Union Pacific, San Pedro Southwestern and Arizona & Eastern; and more. Color, 1 hr. 30 min.

The Super Chief - DVD
The Super Chief - DVD.
This program presents the full story of one of the world's most famous trains - the Santa Fe Super Chief - from birth to burial. You'll take a trip from Chicago to Los Angeles, tour the train from the Pleasure Dome with its individual rotating chairs to the Turquoise Room used for private dinner parties, and view the world's largest fleet of streamliners and their varied configurations: The Chief, The Texas Chief, El Capitan, and others. Color, 1 hr. 13 min
The Surfline/Surfline Cab Ride Combo - DVD
The Surfline/Surfline Cab Ride Combo - DVD.
The Surfline/Surfline Cab Ride Combo
This DVD contains two spectacular programs. The Surfline follows every mile of Amtrak's spectacular Surfline from San Diego to Los Angeles. Highlights include a look at every station along the route, the famous Carlsbad wooden trestles, rare cab rides aboard Amtrak's powerful Dash 8-32PWH and F40 locomotives along the scenic California coast, nearby Santa Fe freight action, and more. Surfline Cab Ride takes you for a magnificent cab ride aboard Amtrak's train 579, the San Diegan. You'll reach speeds up to 90 mph, witness several "meets," soak in the gorgeous beach scenery, and more on this amazing West Coast sprint. Color, 2 hours total.

The Trains of Galesburg - DVD
The Trains of Galesburg - DVD.
Galesburg, Illinois is one of the Midwest's busiest railroad towns. In this program, you'll visit to this important rail hub for a feast of exciting modern railroad action on each of the seven lines that run through it as well as in the depot area downtown and at the junction at Cameron. Highlights include BNSF trains on the old Santa Fe and Burlington lines, a detailed overview of the busy yard near Galesburg and Amtrak passenger action at the Galesburg depot. Color, 90 min.
The Way West Odyssey - DVD-R
The Way West Odyssey - DVD-R.
Head west on a 2-disc rail adventure that showcases the essence of contemporary railroading. You'll travel from California to Illinois where pig trains sprawl across the Midwest, helpers shove trains through the Rockies and long tunnels and bridges connect main lines in the Northwest. Trains from mighty Class Is such as the Santa Fe, Union Pacific, Burlington Northern, Rio Grande and Soo Line offer a gripping look at the challenges railroads face "on the way west." Color, 2 hours.
Thunder From the Wild West - DVD
Thunder From the Wild West - DVD.
Thunder Under Heaven.

Thunder from the Wild West.
"Whether you like trains or you just love travel and adventure, look no further than Thunder Under Heaven." - Trains magazine. This program takes an insider's look at the Grand Canyon Railway's 120-year evolution, from just before the arrival of the Santa Fe Pacific in northern Arizona to the present-day steam operations of the historic line that runs between , Arizona, and the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. Rare, vintage footage of the railroad includes winter steam action!

Thunder Under Heaven DVD Set
Thunder Under Heaven DVD Set.
Thunder from the Wild West & Thunder in the Canyons.
"Whether you like trains or you just love travel and adventure, look no further than Thunder Under Heaven." - Trains magazine. These program takes insiders' looks at the Grand Canyon Railway's history and current steam operations, including rare, vintage footage of winter steam action!
Thunder from the Wild West - Explores the 120-year evolution of the historic line that runs between , Arizona, and the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, from just before the arrival of the Santa Fe Pacific in northern Arizona to the present day.
Thunder in the Canyons - View the railway's equipment and operations during a typical day on the big steam railroad as the crews work jobs from another century, making the 128-mile roundtrip between and the Grand Canyon's South Rim.

Today's Chicago Railroads - DVD
Today's Chicago Railroads - DVD.
When you visit Chicago, the country's railroading capital, you can expect the unexpected.
In this 1991 footage, you'll see fallen flags such as Chicago & North Western, Conrail, Illinois Central, Soo Line, and many others at famous hot spots and at lesser-known locations where you'll enjoy everything from "new" Santa Fe Warbonnets to time-worn North Western Geeps. There are even special treats such as Burlington Northern E-Units, a Belt Railway of Chicago Alco C-424, and high-speed railroading action as Amtrak passenger trains dash to meet their schedules and Santa Fe pig trains speed toward their destinations. Color with hi-fi sound and narration, 2 hours.

Twisted Rails - DVD
Twisted Rails - DVD.
In this 1934 thriller starring Jack Donovan and Alice Dahl, the mountain division of the Tidewater Railroad is sabotaged by a gang's series of wrecks and robberies. Donovan and an engineer's son spearhead the effort to capture the gang's leader - who is planning to steal a 50,000 gold shipment - and rescue the engineer's kidnapped daughter. Shot on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway, this film features plenty of great steam locomotive action! B&W, 1 hour.
Western Steam in 1940 - DVD
Western Steam in 1940 - DVD.
View thrilling western steam railroading from 1939 through 1942! In this program showcasing trains of AT&SF, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific and Western Pacific, you'll ride through the Feather River Canyon; visit the yard throat of one-year-old Los Angeles Union Pacific Terminal to view UP Challenger #3938 and 4-8-2s, Santa Fe 4-8-4s and Southern Pacific Daylights and Cab Forwards; witness the Santa Fe Chief, the Los Angles Limited and other named passenger trains; ride to the summit of Cajon Pass; and more. B&W, 50 minutes.
Railroads in Wartime Volume 1-3 - DVD" hspace="10" src="
Wings on the Prairie - DVD
Wings on the Prairie - DVD.
This program features exciting non-stop run-by action captured on the former Chicago & North Western main line in and around Rochelle, Illinois, in May of 2001. You'll view a variety of diesel power in a number of paint schemes from Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, Burlington Northern and Santa Fe as they travel through locations such as DeKalb, Malta, Creston, Flagg and Franklin Grove. 1 hr. 20 min.
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