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Many Great videos about  the US Navy In Action in WWII, now plus,  Great Navy Comedies,  If you like comedy you like these funny movies

Click Here's are a lot of US Navy Videos.  The list gets bigger every day and this page will be expanded to different sections like US Navy Comedies, Navy Seals, Navy Ships, Battle Ships, Aircraft Carriers and more.

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US Navy Movies


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Naval Aviation
Weapons at War

 In 1910, a daring aviator named Eugene Ely took off from a makeshift wooden runway aboard a warship.  It was the very first flight in the annals of Naval Aviation. From Eugene’s historic attempt to the decks  of a massive, modern aircraft carrier, Weapons at War tells the story of the men and machines that fly  from ships at sea. Trace the development of the planes from the days of wood-and-canvas biplanes to  the mach-speed fighter jets and devastating bombers that fill the hangars of today’s carriers, and learn  how the ships have changed as well. See footage of famous engagements like the Marianas Turkey   Shoot, Midway and the Doolittle Raid, and examine the role that carrier-based planes have played in  every conflict since WWII, including the Gulf War. Finally, hear from the men on deck and in the cockpit.  The U.S. Navy enjoys unchallenged air superiority, and Naval Aviation shows why. 50 min. essential video 
Henry Fonda re-created his Broadway hit for this 1955 film that was mostly directed by Fonda's frequent collaborator, John Ford  (Young Mr. Lincoln, My Darling Clementine)--an ailing Ford was replaced at some point by Mervyn LeRoy--and the results are  exceptionally fine. A perfect cast, including James Cagney's irascible captain, William Powell's thoughtful physician, and Jack Lemmon's Oscar-winning Ensign Pulver, give Fonda the right boost to portray his ennui-burdened officer with dignity, self-effacing humor, and not a  trace of self-pity. A wonderful film. --Tom Keogh --This text refers to the Tape edition. 

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