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The Shockwave and Super Shockwave jet trucks show the kids their stuff 
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With the Y-I-BET program, 

we can turn our public housing projects into Learning projects

The Quad Cities Airshow Field Trip Series

The shockwave shoots past a wall of fire. 

The shockwave jet truck drives past the wall of fireThe shockwave jet trucks drives past a wall of fire

Click on the photo for a close-up view.
Look at these afterburners, the have some form of frequency wave in their flames
Photos and Story by C. Jeff Dyrek webmaster at YellowAirplane.com

These kids really did learn by coming to the Quad Cities Airshow?

Was it just the airshow which gave training to the kids?  This is interesting because I tried a little experiment.  It takes a couple hours of driving just to get to the air show so to keep from getting bored we play a couple of games.  This time, not meaning to make a game, I asked Stephanie what the four forces of flight were.  Before I knew it the kids were saying ask us more questions about airplanes.  They not only knew what the four forces of flight were, they knew what AGL, and MSL meant.  That's Above Ground Level and Mean Sea Level,  They knew about the ailerons  were, the rudder, elevator, flaps, control yoke, alitimeter and more. 

The other game is the alphabet game.  Here everyone has to do the entire alphabet one letter at a time by seeing the letter on a sign, license plate or any place outside.  I always start out by saying that I got an "A."   Then everyone starts their alphabet seeing who gets the entire alphabet first. 

Kids learn by playing games.

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