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This youth group takes a field trip to the Quad Cities Air Show at the Davenport, Iowa, airport 7-14- 2000.  Before the air show we learned about some of the airplanes that we would see at the air show by watching a movie about the F16 falcon called "Iron Eagle."  In addition to watching the movie we talked about different jets and how aircraft components worked.   The feature performer at this air show was the USAF Thunderbirds flying their F16 Falcons.  The kids of this youth program learned a whole lot about jet airplanes and even more about technology in general and that's Y-I-BET on the Youth of America!
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The Quad Cities Air show Field Trip Series

This page shows the Movie Night in Preparation for the Air Show 

The kids watched Iron Eagle II before the air showThe night before going to the Quad Cities Air show in Davenport, Iowa, we watched Iron Eagle II. 

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The movie had great pictures of the F-16 Falcon, F-4 Phantom and the C-130 Hercules.  There were also several quick shots of an A-4 sky hawk, Mirage 2000 and a TU-27 Russian Bear,
Photos and Story by C. Jeff Dyrek webmaster at YellowAirplane.com

Not like Iron Eagle I, III and IV, this movie was terrible.  It had very good shots of the airplanes but it portrayed pilots as foul mouthed, sloppy people who have a bad attitude.  This movie also made the Air Force command structure look very bad.   The story was also very poor and I would not recommend this movie for future Y-I-BET activities 

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