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On the Youth of America
Youth Innovative Business Environment Training

Places That We Have Visited

Smith Airport
Macomb Illinois

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 Destanie Miller Visits Smith Airport

Destanie turns the alerons to see how they move in opposite directions.  This is  Henry Smith's 1956 Bellanca.

"This isn't really like a car," Destanie remarked, "There's a lot more instruments in here!"  Learning about airplanes is a step by step process.  You must step into a cockpit to start.  But, really, you must have someone take you to an airport, someone like a pilot.  We have many pilots in this country, more than any country on earth.  It's our responsibility to do everything we can to promote aviation and education.    I've seen stupid pilots but never a dumb pilot.  Being a pilot and having an education come hand in hand, and being a pilot and teaching others about aviation need to be a way of life.

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