Crashed Russian Airplanes and Arctic Survival

A Captive In The Land: A Movie about a Crashed Russian Plane and Arctic Survival. 

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A Captive in the Land.  A very interesting movie about a crashed Russian Airplane with one survivor stuck in the Arctic.  Russian Airplanes   Click Here to see Arctic Exhibits

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 the movie, A Captive in the Land


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Rating:  PG
Copyright:  1992 Gloria Productions, Inc. and Gloria Film Studios
96 Min
Plot Synopsis: On a flight through the arctic the crew of a RAF airplane realizes a crashed soviet plane on the ice.

There seems to be one survivor, but landing is not possible at the moment. Finally someone decides to volunteer and gets out the airplane to stay with the Russian survivor until help comes. Both men wait for days, but no help is in sight. They are on their own. Two different worlds, two different cultures and two different men dash against each other and around them is only the cold.

This movie will hold your attention from start to finish! It must have been based on an actual account (but personally don't know that). Except for briefly at the start and again at the finish of the story, there are only two actors working here. The bond that develops between the injured, downed, Russian pilot and the American meteorologist rescuer (Sam Waterston) is based on the need for human contact and survival instinct.

Sam Waterson is so excellent in this leading role. When his character's discouragement gets to a low point; the blizzard closes off their fresh air supply; the food is about gone; the endless miles of slow, overland trek are days long; and his emotions give way, this viewer could almost feel the cold and hunger and tears. Their final rescue is charming and a relief!

What a movie! This is the kind of adventure that makes you feel your time was well spent for the viewing; your belief in "goodness will out" was renewed; and the sense that you were part of the intense story. You hope you would be as sacrificing for this helpless pilot as the American (Sam Waterston) was.

This is a movie you'll recommend to others, or loan it out and hope it's returned. It's one you'll bring out again! Hope you'll watch and enjoy this movie as much as we did!

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