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 Events        We have gone many places and have taken a lot of pictures, but we have not posted any photos or pages for this year

These are some of the Events That we Have taken our kids.  on the link below to see the whole program and all of the exhibits that we have worked on.  

1. Lamoine Ramblers Motorcycle races, 3 times this year
2. Springfield Hangar Party and Flight Demonstration
3. Springfield Air Rendezvous Air show with the Blue Angels
4. Macomb Air Show
5. The Movie "Pearl Harbor"
6. Helicopter Rides for Lorri, Steff and Tabby
7. Quad Cities Air Show
8.  Young Eagles Day in Monmouth sponsored by EAA Chapter 350
9.  Bloomington "Prairie Air Show"
10.  Skydiving at Macomb's Smith Airport

Click Here to see the Y-I-BET on the Youth of America Kids Program

I once spoke to a man named Bob Darling who has started a similar program called Dial Help in Houghton MI.  He used the phrase, "Positive Diversion"  in other words if we want our kids to stay out of trouble and away from drugs, we must provide them with a "Positive Diversion."  This is my idea also but I never was able to put it into words.  The proper form of Positive Diversion is not just another ball game, we need to give these kids the opportunity to be in a hyper learning situation with super saturated technology.  The one thing our country needs above all is a highly technically trained work force.  With this program we can provide our country with students who have been there and done that, ready for the technical position training offered by our schools and military.


Click Here's a site with some real neat Video Clips.

Another place for kids to visit to learn more about technology
World Space Museum

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Look at these exhibits and tell me what these men really fought for.
the 34th fighter Squadron

USS Kitty Hawk

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