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The Kitty Hawk by ET2 Darren Drake
The USS Kitty hawk had its keel laid into place on Dec. 27th, 1956. Three and one half years later, on May 21st, 1960 ,the Kitty Hawk was launched by the New York Shipbuilding Corporation in Camden, New Jersey. After nearly a year of rigorous testing to see if she was capable to be a fighting vessel, the USS Kitty Hawk was commissioned into the Navy, April, 29th 1961. Her first captain of the Kitty Hawk was Captain W. F. Bringle. The following information is just from memory and may be wrong, however, the Kitty Hawk is 1032 feet long, has four engines, weighs 80,000 lbs, travels at a max speed of about 38 knots, carries about eighty aircraft and has a crew of around 6,000 sailors. At its time of launching, the Kitty Hawk was the largest ship ever built.
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Final Approach

to the USS Kitty Hawk, CV63


An unknown navy aircraft is on final approach to the uss kitty hawk.

aircraft carriers, the uss kitty hawk

Photo from ET2 Darren Drake
 stationed aboard the USS Kitty Hawk

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Can anyone tell me what kind of aircraft that this photo was taken from?
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You're on close final approach. You're traveling 140kts. The ship is pitching. You're extremely tired from an all night mission. You look out your window and this is your landing zone. If you miss you're a gonner. What goes through your mind? You can't wait to get to your room so you can see the latest photos at YellowAirplane.com

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