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An Aerial View of the island of Ie Shima, Iejima, in WW2. 

You can see the runways, taxiways and airplane parking areas for the P-47 Thunderbolts on this Western Pacific island named Ie Shima which is located near Okinawa.
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This is an Aerial Picture of the island of IE Shima.  

The lower left of this picture was filled in using a clone tool and therefore is not accurate.
When you look very close at this map, you can see a little P-47 Thunderbolt
located on each one of these squares.  I was not able to determine this fact but
after talking to some of the WW2 vets, I was told that each one of these squares
was surrounded by a mound of dirt.  This mound was used to prevent nearby explosions
from damaging the aircraft.  If you know more about this, please let me know.
This is an aerial picture of the Island of IE Shima in World War 2
Picture Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek


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Click here to see an Ie Shima Ariel  taken on 4-16-2000




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