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This is the projection room on IeShima In WW2.

0009880106 width=250 alt="A Japanese Zero Airplane that regularly attacked Ie Shima in WW2">
from the 34th fighter Squadron Yearbook

This is the projection room in Tent City on the island of IeShima in WW2

Projection Room of the old ocean view theater on the island of IeShima. The follow is exact text from the year book
There were bombs, flack, rain, storms, and even no power. Cheers of appreciation and "Lets Go" There were laughs, sighs, and even soldiers have tears. There were old old pictures, old pictures, and there must have been one new.  So you saw it in the States but it was still something to do.  Now you are home and have to pay and even sit up.  Just remember THE OLD OCEAN VIEW theater.  What pleasures it gave we were proud to bring them to you.
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Picture of the Projection Room at the base theate on Ie Shima in WW2
Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek


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