34th Fighter Squadron, with P-47 Thunderbolt fighters, in 1944 Ie Shima one of the Japanese islands of World War 2


The 371st Engineer Squadron
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Kermit Kelley This photo was sent in by his son Dan Kelley
from World War 2

This is the B-25 Mitchell Surrender Escort

The Japanese flew the Betty Bombers to the island of Ie Shima for surrender.  This was no easy task.  Many of the Japanese Generals did not want to end the war.  They had their own patrol aircraft in the air to shoot the betty bombers out of the sky.  A story from one of the surrender delegation members was that he could look out of one the holes in the betty bomber like it was a window.  Then they saw a squadron of airplanes approach them,  they were relieved to see that they were American P-38's that were there to escort the Japanese betty's to Ie Shima.  This B-25 Mitchell met the P-38's and the Betty for the final flight to Ie Shima

b25 mitchell used to escort the japanese betty bombers to ie shima
Scanned by Dan Kelley
Photo by Kermit Kelley
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This is one of the B-25 Mitchells that escorted the Japanese
Betty Bombers to the island of Ie Shima for the Surrender of Japan.

The first planes to meet the Japanese Surrender Delegation's airplanes
were the P-38 Lightning's, then the B-25 Mitchells joined in to
escort the Japanese to safety.

It's interesting, the Japanese Betty Bombers were afraid of
Japanese Zeros trying to shoot them down.  That's right,
I didn't make a mistake in this writing.  The Japanese Generals
ordered the entire Japanese Air Force to shoot down the
Surrender delegation aircraft which were Betty Bombers
painted all white with green crosses on them.


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  Not as Briefed

From the Doolittle Raid to a German Stalag. Greening. The author painted and wrote  this one-of-a-kind record of his WWII experiences. He was a B-25 Mitchell pilot in the famous Doolittle bombing raid over Tokyo in 1942. Later, Axis gunners shot down his plane  over Italy. Evading capture for more than six months, he wound up a German POW. But Doolittle's B17's safely brought out his logbook and art, making this new work  possible. 280 pgs. with the author's own art. 10 ½"x 9", hdbd.


  Warpath Across the Pacific

Massive history of the low-level B-25 strafers of the 345th Bomb Group in  WWII. 250,000 word text based on 400 interviews and all official sources follows the  'Air Apaches' from New Guinea to Japan. 627 laser-scanned B&W photos, many the  best ever in combat. Much on Japanese ships and aircraft. Color section of 53  photos, 48 profiles and 4 paintings. 13 maps and extensive appendices cover all  missions, casualties, plane histories, losses, and markings. 448 pgs. 8½"x 11", hdbd.


Long Nose Trouble
Stan Stokes.
Aviation Art Print World War 2.

Print depicts the high altitude version of the Fw 190 that had an in-line, water-cooled engine allowing it to fight at over 450 mph at 22,000 feet. This Fw 190D was also known as "Long Nose" or "Dora" because of its streamlined fuselage, extended over 40" to accommodate the change from radial to in-line engine. On this day, it chases off a P-51 Mustang as an Me 262 takes to the skies.

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