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Photo of the Base Chapel at Bluethenthal  Field  N.C. WW2

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413th Fighter Group. 
Pictorial Review Page 1.
Donated by Seth A. Villa.
     413th Fighter Group Home 

This is the Base Chapel at Bluethenthal Field in Wilmington North Carolina A little old church in the Wild GI Wood of the 413th fighter group.

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This is the
413th Fighter Group Pictorial Review
Page 10

Donated by Seth A. Villa

December 1944
In the following pages you will
see the many photos and the history of the 413th.

Picture of the Chapel of the 413th Fighter Group at Bluethenthal Field North Carolina.
Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek


413th Fighter Group Home
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 Members of the 413th 
This is the Chapel Building

It has been increasingly satisfying for the Chaplain to work with the officers and men of the Group.  I have felt underneath all the fun and frivolity, a healthy seriousness which is best shown in a high regard for the deeper things of life.  As we continue together I am confident that every man will prove himself true to the highest ideals of our country and of our respective religions.  Each man has his own religious attitude and outlook, but in the work we do there is a unity of purpose, and a common sharing of responsibility and danger which puts us all on equal footing and demands real co-operation and brotherliness.  It is the Chaplain's high privilege to go with the men the whole way and to help them in any and every problem.  In being true to the Great Commander we will best support our Group Commander.

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Is the United States being true to the Great Commander when we are allowing crosses over the soldiers memorials to be torn down because some atheist is offended.  What about the soldiers who were wounded or died for our country.  Do you see them complaining about the crosses.

What about our TV programs today.  Why are the vast majority of the programs filled with hate, violence, gore and murder.  Why are the celebrities listed on porn sites.  Is this what our soldiers thought when they said that they want their children to have better lives, or is it the media and domestic enemies making money and eating our country from the inside.

Why are our youth "Head Bangers" Head banging to gangster rap and demonic music, is what these men fought for.  Absolutely not, but as Carl Marx, the father of Communism said, Control the Media and you will Control the People.  It's happening.  The streets are violent, crime is on the increase, drugs are taking over as the major recreation and our stars are all porn stars.  It makes me sick and makes me cry when I read about all of the efforts that these soldiers have put forth to save our country and our country doesn't even give a damn about them.    C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.

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What is on the eyes, ears and lips of our country?
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