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This is the Pictorial Review Home Page.
This is the cover of the 
Pictorial Review
of the 413th fighter groupon the island of Ie Shima during WW2. 
Donated by Seth A. Villa
413th Fighter Group Home 
This is the Home Page for the 413th fighter group exhibit.  The 413th fighter group was stationed on the Island of Ie Shima in WW2.  It was made up of the 1st, 21st and 34th fighter squadrons.  Start the 413th Fighter Group Exhibit below the photo and keep clicking on the right arrows to continue with the Exhibit Tour.
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December 1944
In the following pages you will
see the many photos and the history of the 413th.

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This Pictorial Review was formed at Bluethenthal Field in Wilmington N.C. where the 413th was formed.  Later, the 413th Fighter Group was stationed on an island in the Western Pacific near Okinawa until 1945.  This group consisted of three squadrons,  the 1st, 21st Fighter Group and 34th Fighter Squadrons. 


Photo of the Cover from the 413th Pictorial Review Yearbook.
Photo Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek

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This is the 413th Fighter Group Home Page
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Betty Bombers
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