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Please Help Me, Your help is wanted for information about these WW2 Soldiers.

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Letters from the members of the 413th Fighter Group and 34th Fighter Squadron and their families. They write, Help Me and Help Wanted.
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This is a complete list of  letters from men of the 413th Fighter Group and the 34th Fighter Squadron. Help Me. Help Wanted for information about these men.

This page was made on 4-30-2000 but I didn't add all of the letters and emails.  This was a mistake.  From this date on, 4-9-2001, I will add all emails from members or family of these Fighter Group members.  If you have any email address of members or members families please send them to me and I will add them to the list.  Please help me, Help wanted.
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Mr Dyrek,

I am desperately trying to get a hold of the person who has the note on your sight about his grandfather flying on the Man O' War - my father  is still alive (89 yrs old!) and the war is one of the few things he still does remember and he was on that flight crew in Tinian - the emails I  send to Ty Pingleton are returned - do you have a different email or a phone # or address?  If you can pass along the message - here is a  copy of the email - very much appreciate your help!

My name is Roger Crum and my father's name is Ray Crum - he is 89 yrs old.  He flew on the Man O' War. I have a crew picture of the "Man of War" and crew with your Grandfather in the picture and your Grandfather signed his name and all the other members (12 all  together)  The picture was taken probably in India as it shows only 2 bombing missions and 8 camels.   I just pulled the picture out of the  frame and it doesn't have a date but it should have been about 1944.  My dad is still very knowledgeable about the crew and all it's missions  and dearly loves talking about it though he has lost most of his short term memory so I can't say for how long he will be able to recall the  stories.  Please give me a call and you could possible speak directly with my father.  I would be happy to get you a copy of this picture.  Is   the plane in the SAC museum the same plane they flew??

The other crew members were:

Lt. Stewart - 
Ed Sowers - Bombadier
Capt. Weinberg - Navigator - just passed away last year
Capt. Gregg - Pilot
"Pug" Medcalf - Co-Pilot
???? - not signed
Frank Russell - 
"Joe" Clarke - Gunner - just passed away last year
J. Barna? - Radio Op?
Jere Baker - Gunner - we still keep in contact with Him - Lives in upper NY state
Herb Rutter - 
Ray Crum - Gunner & Flight Engineer

Please give me a call as soon as you can - we live in SW Virginia 276-479-1059
Thanks and talk soon,
Roger Crum

A letter from the Son of Harrison Thyng.
Do you have any information/pictures of Harry Thyng?  He is my father
(died 1983).  I am trying to put together a biography and could use any
help I can get.  Thank you.  Jim Thyng

A letter to the men of the 413th Fighter Group to the next states EAA (experimental aircraft association) listing
More from Kenneth C. Elender
While going through some papers  I have, I ran across Vincent Dauro's name and it was listed as though he was in the 19th Fighter Squadron which you know by now was in the 318th Fighter Group.  I suppose he came into the squadron after I left because I didn't know him and had not heard the name.  I do not know whether he was an officer or an enlisted man but I do know one thing for sure and that is he was not a pilot who went into combat with the rest of us, he could have been part of the ground crew I guess. This might give his son something else to go by.  In answer to your question Jeff about what comes after the Group it is up to the Wing then up to the Air force which was the 7th when I was there but
these things change so you never know what one might be attached to next. You can relay this on to the Son of Vincent and tell him his Dad was attached to a fine Squadron and a heck of a good group (318th) who had nothing to be ashamed of and plenty to be proud of I can tell you I don't think there was a better bunch of guys in the war. This of course is a biased opinion ( based on fact ).  Gotta go now , good luck in all you do.
Answer From:  Kenneth C. Elender
I don't know what squadron your Dad was with in the 318th Group but I can tell you I was in the 19th and was one of the first to land there in a P47 and left there in July of 1945.My plane was the Eight Ball 2. The first Eight Ball I had was a P-47D but we got new 47N's before we flew them from Saipan to I.E. Shima and I named it Eight Ball 2 and it had wings on it. Don't know if this helps you or not but I just  thought I'd let you know I was in the 19th Fighter Squadron, 318th Fighter Group, 7th Air Force and was on I.E.Shima also. Hope you can find more information about your Dad.
Seth Villa now lives in New Jersey.  He donated this yearbook to me so it can be put on the web.  If you want to contact Seth press the link below.  He is a very nice person to talk to.
I am trying to track down some additional information about this letter.  In it there is some discussion about photos of a crashed P-47 in a letter from Pilot Frank Dauro.  The P-47 under discussion was piloted by Joe Parker. 

I am trying to find the information as my dad was the crew chief on a P-47 that went down on Ie Shima during a fuel consumption test.  The plane was being piloted by a Republic test pilot by the name of Parker.  Post crash photos of the cockpit established the take off was attempted with only a half throttle or half-boost setting.

Any help would be appreciated.  My dads name is James (Ben) Elkins, and he was a crew chief with the 21st Squadron of the 413th group.  I am his daughter.  You can email back to me 

  , or direct to him at 

Thanks much in advance for any help or direction you can provide.


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