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Our Veterans Fought for us Under Tremendous Odds.

They Fought With Their Lives to Save Our Lives.

What did this country's veterans fight for?

Did the veterans risk their lives in total military conflict just so primetime cartoons can make statements like, "We need to have a massive, all girl, sex orgy.  We're all turning gay."  This was on the primetime cartoon, "Family Guy."  Another Cartoon, P J's performed a parity on Abbot and Costello 's,  "Who's On First,"  skit.   except in PJ's version, targeted toward our prime time TV kids audience, it wasn't who's on first, it was, "Who's on Coke, and Who's on Crack, and Who's on Crank."   I heard it myself.  This is what the Fox network is pushing on our nations kids. 

They call these dirty cartoons freedom of speech, yet they are making money destroying your kids.

These programs are creating a future market for the drug dealing market and the porno producing industry.  Right now fifty percent of the internet is funded by pornography, the pornographers want it to be one hundred percent.  It's interesting how I can go to jail by talking to kids in this manner, yet these programs do it to your kids night after night making drugs and porn an everyday thought in your kids minds. 
Did our military men, the veterans,  fight the great war for nothing?
It looks as so, because, we are losing our kids and losing them fast, right in front of our very eyes, and we call it freedom of speach!

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These men fought for a reason and we are on the verge of giving it all away without a shot fired.

fox, primetime cartoons are killing our kids
These veterans gave our lives so we can have freedom of speech, is tv now killing our kids
Photo and artwork by
C. Jeff Dyrek
Under Tremendous Odds

The odds were, this is the last day of your life, but you still fought for your country
   You still believed in freedom of speech and freedom of religion and you still believed that your kids should have health and happiness in their education.  These men fought to keep our country a safe, decent place.  But what happened?  Are we in a war now?  Are our families broken up?  Is marriage an unhealthy institution?  Are your kids on drugs?  Is your fourteen year old daughter pregnant?  Do you have to spend your education dollar to pay for lawyers to protect your freedom of speech and religion?  Is America suffering from excessive crime, presidential perversion, a shrinking military and the fear to send your kids to school?  You tell me.
  What did the veterans fight for?   Did they fight for the right to put pictures of Jesus in a bottle of urine?  Did they fight so our kids could watch perverted cartoons like the Simpsons and South Park and call it freedom of speech.  Did they fight to keep the Ten Commandments out of our schools?  Do you think that any of these men prayed to God before and during their flight into the shadow of death. 


I've seen what my Uncle Joe was like after the great war. 

I seen what happened to him.  I talked to a P-47 Pilot who prayed to God and said, "God, If you let me make it through this alive I will never miss a day in church as long as I live."  I talked to a B-29 Pilot who told me of the horrors of flying over Japan.   I talked to my neighbor who was at the D-Day invasion and told me how scared the soldiers were on the landing craft.  He said they were so scared that when any aircraft came below the clouds, whether emery or Allied it was shot down.  He said that because of the waves and motion of the landing craft the men were so sick that they vomited all over themselves.  The boat smelled so bad and was so nauseating that they were glad to jump into the bullets of the enemy.  Watch the movie, "Saving Private Ryan."  You will see what this was like.  You will see what these men endured to keep our good way of life so the future will be safe for all our children. 

Yet we treat it like a joke, like a big video game. 

Our heroes of today are ball bouncers who wear earrings and wear a dress when they get married to their wives.  Our TV heroes have filthy mouths,  our politicians are placing the words, "Oral sex," on our children's minds and in their weekly readers.  Prisoners are suing the pants off of our government.  Our military is being squeezed to the point that the F-15's are having their engines derated in output thrust just to save a couple of bucks.  Our VA hospitals are being down sized and we are becoming a weaker nation.  All of this time our president says we have a stronger economy.  Our major product is quickly becoming crime prevention devices, legal services, and drug rehab for our kids.   Our TV is a perverted, filthy mouth, violent educational resource for our kids.  Yes, kids do learn from TV and spend more time watching TV with a higher attention factor than when they're in school. 

We need to wake up or we are going to lose our country! 

There are organizations that call themselves American that are opposed to everything that our veterans fought for.  They are opposed to everything that the founders of our Constitution thought was necessary to a good country with a good future.   We need to fight back, and fight back now!  Our churches need to organize a legal group to keep the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion alive. And, by the way, filthy language and images are not what our forefathers considered freedom of speech.  We need to watch these filthy programs and write to all of the advertisers telling them that we will not buy their product as long as they endorse and advertise on these shows. 

Are we going to throw the lives of our veterans away? 

That's what we are doing as long as we accept the abolition of the Ten Commandments in our schools:  As long as we watch movies with poor morals and language:  As long as our heroes are people who are on drugs and perversion and not scientist and astronauts:  and as long as we allow the dollar to be stronger than the truth as it was in California where the school had to take the Ten Commandments down because it couldn't afford the legal bill. It's time that all churches bond together and form a legal system that can put an end to this so called "American" organization.  The veterans must bond together and remove anyone from office who supports the filthy free speech movement that we are now undergoing.  Campaign donations must be put into a single fund where all candidates can draw from making it a fair and equal election so the office can be held on a mans merit and not how much money private organizations can buy the office with.  Government officers and supervisors should go through the same drug testing that everyone else has to go through so we can weed out the bad seeds.   We must come together and fight this modern war.  The enemy knew it couldn't win a fight with military might so it is using the Communist Manifesto to wage war against the American Dream. 

What does the Communist Manifesto say? 

It says that it can take a Democratic Country and make it pay for the rope to hang itself.  And how do you do it. Get the kids interested in drugs, get them interested in sex, and get them interested in useless things.   This is what the so called "American Organization" is doing.  It's taking the model for good out of our schools.   It's making the filth on TV to be common place, and it's making bouncing a ball to be the greatest hero producing organization in the world.  All this, combined with removing any model of morality, is their goal, and they're winning.  Our kids are killing each other in school.  Our kids are on drugs.  Our country is near the bottom of the list in educational achievement in all of the countries in the free and non free world.  Only 26% of our families remain together.  Only 50% of our kids live with their original parents.  Are we losing the battle.  You bet.  If you don't believe me just walk through one of our major cities after midnight.  I'm not going to do that. It's not safe, but I would walk through Tokyo, or Singapore.  You're safe there.  Why not here?   It's because the enemy is winning and they say  that it's for your own good and your own liberties. 

Write me a letter at the bottom of this page. 

I took an oath when I joined the Navy, "To fight all enemies both foreign and domestic."  I was never relieved from this oath.  And now, as a disabled veteran, this is how I am fighting this enemy and I need your help. 

Tell me what you think at the bottom of this page 

C. Jeff Dyrek 


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