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Stereo sound systems for your home, computer, and car.

A Super Computer Sale.  Notebook Computers, Desktop Computers, Software, Games, Computer Parts, Discount Store.  This Personal Computer Store includes Notebook and Desktop Computers from Dell, Apple, Gateway, Mac, Acer Computers and More.

Un Super PC Venta. Computadoras porttiles, computadoras de escritorio, software, juegos, Computer Parts, Discount Store. Este ordenador personal tienda incluye computadoras de escritorio y porttiles de Dell, Apple, Gateway, Mac, Ordenadores Acer y ms.



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  All New F4U Corsair WW2 Fighter Planes

American War Eagles: F4U Corsair: Thunder from the Skies. The Corsair is regarded as one of the greatest warplanes in history. Designed to fly behind the most powerful  engine and biggest propeller of any fighter in existence, the prototype was the first U.S. combat aircraft to exceed 400 mph. Once the U.S. Navy adopted the Corsair as a ship-board fighter-bomber, they operated in the Pacific Fleet and established a kill  ratio of 11:1 against Japanese aircraft.


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Please Note.  I took the background picture on this page while we were flying from
Norilsk to Khatanga, Siberia, Russia on the 2002 North Pole Expedition

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