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Refracting Telescopes for Sale  A refracting telescope uses lenses to focus the light from the stars.  Refracting means to bend the light where reflecting, of course, means to reflect the light.  The more expensive reflecting telescopes use multi coated lenses and multiple lenses with various shapes to cancel out the achromatic aberrations found in cheaper refracting telescopes.  An achromatic aberration means that the colors focus at different points giving a sort of blur in your stars image.  It also causes the star to have outlines in different colors.  If you are just looking at the moon, the inexpensive telescopes still work great but when looking at distant planets and stars you really need a good telescope.  Another factor that you must look at is the tripod.  A good tripod is a must.  If you have a cheap telescope tripod you will never be able to locate the star in the telescopes field of view.  I have a cheapie telescope myself and I know that this is very true.  The better telescopes also come with a computer tracking control and this type is well worth the money if you really want to enjoy astronomy as a hobby.   It is a common fact that the cheapie telescopes just end up in a closet collecting dust where the good telescopes are used time and time again.  Therefore it is really cheaper to pay more money and get a good telescope system.  Read about Reflecting Telescopes here.   C. Jeff Dyrek. 

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