While not the hubble telescope, these meade telescopes will open up the night sky

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A reflecting telescope uses curved mirrors and is shorter than the refracting telescope.  The reflecting telescope has less achromatic aberrations, or in other words, less errors in focusing colors than the refracting telescope.  Reflecting telescopes are usually a better type of telescope for the serious astronomer because of the better image and more compact size.  There is one common factor in both the reflecting telescopes and refracting telescopes that is typical to the better quality telescopes and that is the quality of the tripod.  A good tripod is a must.  This is where a big part of the cost comes in.  Just try pointing at a star with a cheap telescope and you will have a terrible time just finding the star.  Where with the new, computer tracking telescopes, you just aim it at the North Star then press the button for the name of the star that you want to observe and your telescope will automatically find the new star.  Also, another problem with looking at a star is the fact that the earth is constantly moving making it necessary to keep repositioning the telescope to keep your star in the telescopes field of vision.  With the computer driven telescopes, the tracking is done for you, automatically.  For these reasons a good telescope is going to cost you at least two hundred and fifty dollars, otherwise you are just buying a cheap toy that will not get used very often and you will  probably find it ending up in a closet collecting dust.  Buying a good telescope will give you many hours of very educational and enjoyable astronomy as a hobby.   C. Jeff Dyrek.

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When the last time you looked through a telescope? Maybe you're one of the people who never have looked through a telescope ever. The view through a telescope is so much different than watching pictures on TV or on the Internet. When you're looking through a telescope, it's almost like you're standing right on the moon. The moon is a fantastic place to explore. When you go outside with your kid and you point your telescope at the moon, the whole world becomes a new adventure. Your little boy and girl will have the time of their life looking at the craters on the moon. It's almost like you're talking to Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin, and you're actually there standing on the surface.
But it's not just the moon. Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars are all fantastic places to look at using a good telescope. Even a inexpensive telescope gives a fantastic view, but it's nothing like a real good telescope that has a tracking system. The tracking system allows you to point at the moon, and as the world turns, the telescope tracks the movement of the earth pointing at the same point on the moon.
These new telescopes have computer trackers. The computer tracker not only tracks the moon or the object you're looking at, but it can also find objects in the sky that you don't know where they're at. For instance, you manually find the North Star and then you set the telescope. The telescope now knows where you are exactly. Now you could say, "let's look at Alpha Centauri," and the telescope will slew to the proper position so you could see Alpha Centauri, and you don't have to look for yourself.

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