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Picture and Memorial to Colonel Harrison Thyng in WW2.
An Ace in two Wars.

Commander, 413th Fighter Group in WW2. 

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Pictorial Review Page 1
A letter to the men of the 413th Fighter Group on island of Ie Shima in WW2.
Donated by Seth A. Villa.

There were only six aces from World War II that went on to become aces during the Korean War One of them was.

Colonel Harrison R. Thyng, 8 Kills in World War 2, and 7 Kills in Korea

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A Letter From Colonel Harrison Thyng, Command officer of the 413th Fighter Group at Ie Shima during WW2.


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December 1944
In the following pages you will
see the many photos and the history of the 413th.
Picture of the letter from Colonel Harrison Thyng
Picture Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek

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To The Men OF The 413th Fighter Group.

This book is dedicated to you -- the men, who have made the 413th Fighter Group one of the best Fighter Groups in the Army Air Corps.

I hope that within these pages you will find much to recall the pleasant memories of your stay here.

Although I know many of the personally, unfortunately there are a few that I do not know.   However the record that you have made here is a fitting testimony to your ability as men and as soldiers to accomplish any task assigned and to do it well. 

Since the inception of my command, I have been proud to be your Commanding Officer.  I know, regardless of what obstacles may confront you in the future --- you will overcome them with the same tenacity and ability that you have shown throughout your training.

Colonel, Air Corps.

Colonel Harrison Reed. Thyng was the commanding officer of the 413th fighter group stationed on the island of Ie Shima near Okinawa.  The 413th fighter group consisted of the 1st fighter squadron, the 21st fighter squadron and the 34th fighter squadron.  The fighter group was initially formed at Bluethenthal Field in Wilmington, North Carolina, then transferred to the island of Ie Shima.

Yellow Airplane has an exhibit specifically about the 34th which can be seen from the link above and more about the 34th in this 413th Fighter Squadron Exhibit.

Harrison R. Thyng, Brigadier General, USAAF during WW2, and USAF During Korea.  BGEN Thyng was from Barnstead/Pittsfield, and flew combat in four theaters of war, obtaining ace status in both propeller and jet aircraft.  Retired General Thyng is one of only seven aviators to obtain this distinction.

Aces of two Wars
There were only six aces from WW2 that went on to become aces during the Korean War.
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Col. Harrison R. Thyng
8 Kills in World War 2, and 7 Kills in Korea
Lt. Col. Francis S. Gabreski
28 in World War II, 6.5 in Korea
Lt. Col. Vermont Garrison
7.33 in World War 2, and 10 in Korea0009330HSPACE=10 VSPACE=6 BORDER=2 height=181 width=250 align="left">

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Maj. George A. Davis Jr.
7 in World War 2, 14 in Korea
Maj. James P. Hagerstrom
6 in World War 2, 8.5 in Korea
Maj. William T. Whisner
15.5 in World War II, 5.5 in Korea

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Do you have any information/pictures of Harry Thyng?  He is my father
(died 1983).  I am trying to put together a biography and could use any
help I can get.  Thank you.  Jim Thyng

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Top U.S. World War I aces 70 total
Capt. Edward V. Rickenbacker 26
2nd Lt. Frank Luke Jr. 18
1st Lt. George A. Vaughn Jr. 13
1st Lt. Field E. Kindley 12
1st Lt. Elliot W. Springs 12
1st Lt. Reed G. Landis 10
1st Lt. Jacques M. Swaab 10
1st Lt. Paul P. Baer 9
1st Lt. Thomas G. Cassady 9
1st Lt. Lloyd A. Hamilton 9
1st Lt. Chester E. Wright 9
1st Lt. Henry R. Clay Jr. 8
Capt. Hamilton Coolidge 8
2nd Lt. John O. Donaldson 8
1st Lt. William P. Erwin 8
1st Lt. Frank O. Hunter 8
2nd Lt. Clinton S. Jones 8
Capt. James A. Meissner 8
1st Lt. Martinus Stenseth 8
2nd Lt. Wilbert W. White Jr. 8

* Many American pilots flew with allied services instead of the U.S. military and aren’t included in this list.

Top Air Force Korean War aces 38 total

(In order of qualifying as an ACE)
1.   Jabara, James 15.0
2.   Becker, Richard S.    5.0
3.   Gibson, Ralph D.    5.0
4.   Creighton, Richard D.    5.0
5.   Davis, George A., Jr. 14.0
6.   Marshall, Winton W.    6.5
7.   Whisner, William T., Jr.    5.5
8.   Gabreski, Francis S.    6.5
9.   Moore, Robert H.    5.0
10. Kincheloe, Iven C., Jr.    5.0
11. Love, Robert J.    6.0
12. Westcott, William H.    5.0
13. Latshaw, Robert T., Jr.    5.0
14. Adams, Donald E.    6.5
15. Kasler, James H.    6.0
16. Thyng, Harrison R.    5.0
17. Low, James F.    9.0
18. Jolley, Clifford D.    7.0
19. Blesse, Frederick C. 10.0
20. Risner, Robinson    8.0
21. Baker, Royal N. 13.0
22. Lilley, Leonard W.    7.0
23. Foster, Cecil G.    9.0
24. Overton, Dolphin D., Ill   5.0
25. Fischer, Harold E. 10.0
26. McConnell, Joseph M., Jr. 16.0
27. Fernandez, Manuel J., Jr. 14.5
28. Hagerstrom, James P.   8.5
29. Johnson, James K. 10.0
30. Jones, George L.   6.5
31. Ruddell, George I.   8.0
32. Garrison, Vermont 10.0
33. Moore, Lonnie R. 10.0
34. Parr, Ralph S., Jr. 10.0
35. Baldwin, Robert P.   5.0
36. Buttelmann, Henry   7.0
37. Bolt, John F. (USMC)**   6.0
38. Curtin, Clyde A.   5.0
39. Bettinger, Stephen L.   5.0
Total Credits:  305.5

** In addition to 38 USAF pilots, this list includes Major John F. Bolt, USMC, who was attached to a USAF unit and was awarded 6 credits by 5th Air Force.

Top Army Air Forces World War II aces 701 total
Maj. Richard I. Bong 40
Maj. Thomas B. McGuire Jr. 38
Lt. Col. Francis S. Gabreski 28
(plus 6.5 in Korea)
Capt. Robert S. Johnson 27
Col. Charles H. MacDonald 27
Maj. George E. Preddy Jr. 26.83
Lt. Col. John C. Meyer 24
Col. David C. Schilling 22.5
Lt. Col. Gerald R. Johnson 22
Col. Neel E. Kearby 22
Maj. Jay T. Robbins 22
Capt. Fred J. Christensen 21.5
Capt. Ray S. Wetmore 21.25
Capt. John J. Voll 21
Maj. Walker M. Mahurin 20.75
(plus 3.5 in Korea)
Lt. Col. Thomas J. Lynch 20
Lt. Col. Robert B. Westbrook 20

Air Force Vietnam War aces 3 total
Capt. Charles DeBellevue * 6
Capt. Jeffrey S. Feinstein * 5
Capt. R. Stephen Ritchie 5
*Weapons systems officer ace


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