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Pictures of Building the Pitts Airplane Wing designed by Curtis Pitts.

Pitts Aerobatic Biplane from Chuck Roberts Building the Pitts Wing Uncovered.
Home page for the Pitts experimental airplanes.  Originally designed by Curtis Pitts, Experimental aircraft like the Pitts are made by homebuilders like you.  Here you can see pictures in detail on how homebuilt airplanes are made.
Pitts Airplanes    *    Building the Pitts Wings
The Pitts aerobatic biplane comes in different versions including the S-1C, S-2B, S-1S and now the Super Stinker.  The original Pitts was designed by Curtis Pitts who considered his first  airplane design, with a sixty five horsepower engine, to be severely over powered.  The Pitts is now one of the most successful aerobatic aircraft in the world with engines up to and exceeding 450 hp.  This series of pictures shows how the aircrafts wings are constructed with close up pictures of the spars, ribs, compression ribs and various other rigging of the Pitts wing.  Click here to see many more pictures at the YellowAirplane Museum.

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The wing spars are placed 
on the leveling supports 

The wing spar is leveled 
and clamped to the supports

The first ribs are pushed 
onto the spar 

A compression rib is 
pushed onto the spars 

A drilling block is placed 
on both sides of the spar
then clamped into place 

Once the drilling block is in 
place, holes are carefully 
drilled into place 

Drag and Anti-Drag wires in place 

Drilling a hole for the flying 
wire attach tube 

The Doubler Plate is 
placed on the spar 

The wing gets closer 
to completion 

Cutting the bent leading 
edge plywood 

Final inspection before the 
leading edge is placed on wing 

Another Pitts wing with a 
different configuration 

Special tools are used to 
pull the leading edge cover 
tightly into place 

A closer view of the special 
tools and the leverage block 

The leading edge is pulled 
completely down 
using a helping hand 

What's this, a complex curve? 
My plywood won't cover 
this too well 

A nearly completed wing 

A wing tip faring 

Another type of wing tip faring 

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