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Building the Pitts Wings

This is the Wing Tip Leading Edge Cover.


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Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek

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This is the wing tip leading edge cover (Fairing).  This one is a junk piece that was later remade after we built a new mold.  The fairing in this photo has many problems in it, the surface is damaged and the fiberglass was improperly saturated and delaminated so it couldn't be used.   A later problem with the next mold was that it was removed from the plug too soon and even though the fiberglass appeared to be proper set and ready to remove, when it was set on its side, the fiberglass mold changed shape making it too narrow to be used.  In our composites class we were told once the fiberglass matrix was cross linked, it was permanent and would not change shape.  Be sure to leave your parts in the mold longer than they appear to need to be. 



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