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This is a Beautiful Pitts Aircraft Built by Chuck Roberts.

Pitts S1S Built by IAC Member Chuck Roberts
This Pitts was built by Chuck Roberts of Chapter 61.
Photo by Chuck Roberts:


  The finished article was run in the 
  IAC March 2003 magazine – it was called
“What Have I Gotten Myself Into”  


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Hi my name is Chuck Roberts IAC #323263.
I live in Evansville Indiana and would like to share
with you my little Pitts S1S project story. 

I was introduced to the wonderful world of aerobatics by a couple of very good friends of mine, Bruce Kemper and Bill Asbell.  My first introduction to aerobatic flying was in a Bucker Jungman that Bruce owned.  This was only the second time I was ever in a small plane.  Shortly after this I started taking lessons to get my pilot license.  

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