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Pitts Special Aerobatic Aircraft Links.

Click Here is a great list of links to the Pitts Special Aerobatic Aircraft, whether you are on an aerobatics team or you just like aerobatic aircraft, this page is your link to the aviation industry.

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Pitts Wing Construction

Pitts Action photos

Pitts Action photos Page 2

the Worlds First Certificated Pitts

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Aircraft Construction Books.

Building a Pitts, Lots of photos .


AIRock gallery   a nice Japanese Pitts Photo Page.
Bob Krauter Airshows  Airshows with the Pitts.
Building a Pitts Wing   Many Photos and text about the Pitts aircraft under construction.
FlightFantastic Aerobatics   Sports & Recreation Aerobatic Flying School.
Paul Fogel's Pitts Page   Info about aerobatics, Aresti Charts, and lots of links.
Pitts Model 12  A radial engine pitts.
Pitts Photo's    A great photo page showing many Pitts aircraft built by Roger and Brent Smith.
Pitts S1   A nice page from Mike Townsley.
Southwest Flight Training, Inc.     Special Training in a Pitts S2B.
Smith Aviation  Pitts builders and Specialists   --- Some Great Pitts Photo's .
Technical Counselor Articles. 
Pitts History in Brief.
Ace's Discount Pilot Shop -  Digital Cameras and Much More!



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A Super Nice Pitts S1S built by Chuck Roberts

   Pitts Aviation By Chuck Roberts  

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