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This Pitts was built by Chuck Roberts
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Look at the links in the table below to pick your favorite Pitts Pictures and to learn about the Pitts Aerobatic Aircraft and Airplane Construction.  These pages and Pitts Exhibits can give both the new and experienced builder a lot of very good information about your own Pitts Aircraft Project.

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Below are some photo samples of computer graphics at work. 
Can you tell which  is a real picture or not?



 Photo's by C. Jeff Dyrek
7 of these photos are Computer Fakes the others are not
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The Pitts aerobatic aircraft was designed by Curtis Pitts. 

The airplane is both factory built and home built with the majority of the aircraft built by homebuilders.  Depending on the type of engine, builder design, and avionics, the airplane varies around the 1000 lb mark. Building time from the Pitts aircraft planes is around 2000 hours.  This means that the aircraft builder can expect to spend eight hours per day, five days per week, for one year to complete his Pitts airplane.  You can expect to build the wings for 1000 per wing, install an engine for 8000 to 35,000, and install a prop for 500 to 25,000.  You bet, you can spend as much money as you can imagine for your Pitts. 

I've seen the Pitts airplane with engines from 65 hp to 450 hp, with fuel systems from carburetors to fuel injection systems with turbochargers.  Again, you can build the Pitts with limits as high as you can imagine and what your knowledge will allow. 
The Pitts aerobatic airplane is built using both the metal tube and wooden construction methods. The Pitt's wings are made of wood and covered in Dacron and the fuselage is made from 4130 Chrome Moly tubing then covered in Dacron. 
As a webmaster, I have worked on the Pitts at Smith Aviation in Macomb, Illinois but have never personally built or flown the Pitts aircraft.  I have flown the Skybolt aerobatic aircraft, however.   In my opinion there is no better, sexier, biplane built, anywhere.  My mentors are Roger Smith, his son, Brent, and his father, Henry Smith. 
AIRock gallery   a nice Japanese Pitts Photo Page.
Building a Pitts Wing   Many Photos and text about the Pitts aircraft under construction.
Pitts Model 12  A radial engine pitts.
Southwest Flight Training, Inc.     Special Training in a Pitts S2B.
Roger Smith's Airplane Shop  Pitts builders and Specialists   --- Some Great Pitts Photo's.
Technical Counselor Articles. 


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