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   A Model Pitts Aircraft Built by Jack Varanelli 
 Modeled after Chuck Robert's Pitts.


This Pitts was built by Jack Varanelli
Photo by Jack Varanelli
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A Model Pitts Aircraft Built by Jack Varanelli
Modeled after Chuck Robert's Pitts Picture.


Hi My name is Jack Varanelli, I live in Waterbury, Connecticut. I am a member of C.C.R.C.C ( central Connecticut radio control club) and would like to share with you how I built a 1/3rd scale model of Chuck Roberts beautiful yellow and black Pitts    
    I have been building scale rc models for 25 years and always wanted to build a 1/3rd scale model of a pitts but could not find a model company that made one rite. Years ago back in 1988 a company named Bryron Originals designed one in from factory drawings in 1/3rd scale but went out of business some 10 years ago, so it was back to the drawing board. I remembered that a friend of mine had one and started to build it for his son but before he started he past away. After some 15 years I contacted his son and asked what ever happened to it. He said it has been in his mothers house in the basement for 15 years. What we found was the Byron Pitts in the box and all the parts were there, what a find, So guess who has it now

A letter from Jack about mid November 2007.

Jeff, here are more pictures of my Pitts. As you can see some parts are already covered in yellow, rudder, belly pan, ailerons, horizontal stab, landing gear belly pan as well as the elevators. The wings are all foam then sheeted with 1/32 balsa on the leading edge and trailing edge then cap strips are glued in between to simulate the ribs, The covering is bright yellow iron on fabric and when you heat it it shrinks drum tight, The engine is mounted on the fire wall, it's a Zenoha G-38 which develops about 2-3/4 hp. I am going to mount the wings and put it together to adjust everything, MORE PICTURES TO FOLLOW. YOUR FRIEND, JACK

Jack Varanelli







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