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movies about airplane construction techniques for homebuilt airplanes.
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Aircraft  Construction Videos

Movies, Videos and DVD 's about airplane construction techniques for homebuilt airplanes. 

Aircraft design, wing sections theory, aerodynamic theories of wings and bodies, aircraft construction of kitplanes and airplane kits, aerocrafters, composite construction, Aeroelasticity, Mechanics of aircraft structures, modern combat aircraft design, military aircraft, military airplanes and more.  If you like to build kitplanes made from composites, metal, or wood this aircraft construction page will help.
Books About the Aircraft Construction

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Airplane Construction Videos

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How to Get Started Building Your Own Airplane...

The first of a series of videos that will give you insight into the exciting world of home-building. Topics  include selecting the right kit for your needs, the definition of an experimental aircraft, Federal Aviation  Regulations (FARs), insurance, how to set a realistic budget, FAA inspections and many other topics. 45  min


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Building Your Own Airplane...

Corrosion can strike any airplane that includes metal construction. Protect  your investment and help ensure your safety through the helpful, informative tips  presented in this video. Hosted by Geo Hindall, a leading expert in in aircraft corrosion control and repair. 40 min.

Aerobatics Videos

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Aerobatics: Flying Maneuvers

Aviation Photography Videos
Special Pilot Videos
Volume I: Preventative Maintenance
The Educated Owner Video Series is an exciting, brand new video series, dedicated to helping pilots increase safety and reduce costs associated with aircraft ownership.  The is the only video series of its kind.  Whether or not owners choose to do their own work, The Educated Owner Video Series will help viewers learn more about how their aircraft operate.  It helps take the mystery out of aircraft maintenance and it increases safety by helping the pilot play an integral role in keeping the aircraft airworthy.

Volume I: Preventative Maintenance initially details the FAA's rules concerning what maintenance tasks an owner can legally perform.  It then proceeds to instruct viewers on the proper tools and supplies for common maintenance tasks and follows with detailed, step-by-step demonstrations of Engine Inspections, Landing Light Replacement, Oil Changes, Spark Plug Maintenance and Tire and Wheel Servicing.  The video is approx. 60min. in length 





On the Youth of America



The Pitts 
Detailed Aerobatic Airplane Construction Photos


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